That the council address the queries and concerns of Liffey Hall residents arising from the Glenveigh development

My second motion on 18th of May MD meeting, “That the council address the queries and concerns of Liffey Hall residents arising from the Glenveigh development on the adjacent Athgarvan road, including the rationale for removal of shrubbery at Liffey Hall in the last 12 months and the dumping of weeds and rubbish at entrance to the estate, the regular discolouration of tap water each time water is pumped for use by the development and clarification as to when and if a roundabout is going ahead at the junction between the Athgarvan and Liffey Hall roads.

Building and Development Control Report issued by: Mr J Malone, Development Control Section. : Building & Development Control have an Engineer on site engaging with the developer and inspections and monitoring continues. It can also be confirmed that we have no complaints on record in relation to this site.

Planning report issued by: Mr M McLoughlin, Administrative Officer, Planning Department. : A response was previously issued regarding the removal of the hedgerow in respect of the Housing Development at Kilbelin, Newbridge, Co. Kildare (ABP 18/302141). The members were advised that the removal of the hedgerow did not require planning permission, and its removal was not a breach of any condition of this permission granted by An Bord Pleanála. A landscaping plan was submitted as part of this permission and may be inspected on the website of An Bord Pleanála or at Kildare County Council Online Planning Enquiry System. The Kildare County Development Plan 2017-2023 includes policies for the protection and management of existing hedgerows and for the replacement of hedgerows where removal is necessary during development. The Planning Department are not aware of any issues from a planning perspective in respect of shrubbery at Liffey Hall.

Parks Report issued by: Mr S Wallace, Senior Executive Parks Superintendent : The Parks Section are not aware of any shrub removal at Liffey Hall or the rationale for it. If the Councillor or the Resident’s Association forward the details to
us, we will pursue the matter.

Roads Report issued by: Mr G Willoughby, Senior Executive Engineer, Roads Planning Team : A 4-arm signalised junction is being installed at the Athgarvan Road / Liffey Hall Junction and not a roundabout by the developer, Glenveagh, as part of their planning permission conditions. These works should be commencing shortly on site.

Water Services Report issued by: Mr J Boland, District Manager : In the past, the Council would consider applications for ‘standpipe licences’ but this no longer applies and such consents are now entirely matters for Irish Water. The concerns as outlined in the motion are noted and are being taken up directly with Irish Water.