Check The Register

A Step by step guide to checking/registering to vote

Deadline Wed Jan 13th 4pm

 1. Check if I am on the register of electors, click the button above

2. If I am not on the register then Click this Link to get the form

3. Print off this form and fill in your details

4. Bring the form to a member of an Garda Siochana at any local Garda station as they need to sign it.

5. Please post the form to the following address

Kildare County Council

Head Office

Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park,


Co. Kildare


Where can I pick up a copy of the forms? Email us your contact details and we will arrange delivery or pick up of a RFA form/s for you


Register of Electors- Change of Citizenship

If you are included on the Register of electors and have since become a citizen of Ireland, please complete application form RFA5 for your citizenship to be updated.