Council provide its elected representatives with up to date land and property asset registry

My adjourned motion at Novembers Full Council meeting;
As the council’s members are uninformed as to what land and property is owned by Kildare County Council, despite members requests for same since 2014, that the council provide its elected representatives with the most up to date land and property asset registry, containing but not limited to the type of information that would be produced for reports to Government Departments including the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.

Here is the report Issued by: Ms S Kavanagh, Director of Services, Economic, Cultural and Community Development: The Property Interest Register (PIR) was established to create and maintain a central database of all land-based assets owned by Kildare County Council. The Local Government Audit Service has oversight of PIR (the web-based software package used by the project team) and the controls and protocols around it. Some of the sites captured in PIR were acquired by a number of sections for various statutory purposes e.g. housing development, amenity use. The PIR project team does not manage or maintain these sites; it simply captures their details centrally for financial management purposes.

Decisions on the current and future use of these assets still rest with the acquiring sections, where most central government reports and other returns are compiled.

In addition to these ‘development’ sites, hundreds of other plots have been acquired by Kildare County Council in the 120-year period since the establishment of local authorities. Most of these plots were acquired for specific purposes such as cemeteries or road schemes and are not available for any other use.

The capture of all historical data and current transactions is a huge undertaking. The PIR acquired over 4,000 maps from Land Registry in 2009 including plots and plans in both of the previously-outlined categories. To date, about 3,100 records have been created in the Property Interest Register, consisting of text harvested from physical files and corresponding GIS maps, which are being uploaded on an ongoing basis by an in-house Technician. The completion date for this work will depend on the technical and administrative resources available to the project in the short to medium term. A report containing all GIS and text entries in the PIR system would be a complex and voluminous file in any format. It would also contain commercially sensitive information and details defined as personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation.

The Property Interest Register team is happy to assist elected representatives and other parties with queries and searches relating to specific towns, areas and/or municipal districts.

The Property Interest Register team deals with up to 20 queries of this nature per month.

NTA/KCC Bus Shelter Installations

Link below to locations where Bus Shelter provisions is agreed.

Table 1 includes;

Moorefield Road Newbridge, (Moorefield Crescent opposite Tesco, Inbound) New Shelter 

Moorefield Rod, Newbridge (Outside Woodies and Tesco, Outbound) New Shelter 

Kildare Town at Market House – Replacement Shelter 

Athgarvan Road, Newbridge (Opposite Bradshaws/adjacent to Ryston Sports Ground) – New Shelter

Brownstown (Opposite Rising Sun pub) – New Shelter

The Curragh Camp (Curragh Camp Entrance – New Shelter



Bus Shelter Locations – Update November 2018

Can council commit to solving ongoing issues re:signage and advertising before next year’s Tidy Towns competition

My second question at Novembers MD meeting; ‘In light of the Tidy Towns Adjudicator’s comments which affirmed concerns about the negative visual impact of signage and advertising, sandwich boards, redundant poles, chewing gum on footpaths and the redundant water tower in Newbridge, can the council commit to solving these ongoing issues before next year’s Tidy Towns competition?
Here is the report issued by: Mr J Boland, Director of Service, Water Services and Environment: The ongoing work of Newbridge Tidy Towns Group is commended. The members can be assured that the various departments of the council will work positively with this group to address the issues highlighted in the adjudicator’s report. As previously requested by the Municipal District, the issue of illegal signage has been prioritised.

Council introduce bins (recycle and refuse) along the Green Road

My second motions at Novemeber’s MD meeting was, ‘ That the council introduce bins (recycle and refuse) at some point along the Green Road, similar to that introduced in Suncroft, to address the volumes of rubbish discarded along this road in particular near the cross roads at McLoughlins.

Here is the report Issued by: Ms B Cuddy, Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District Engineer.: Supply of bins within the Municipal District area is the remit of the Environmental Section not the Municipal District office, however for each bin that is installed it has an impact on our resources in the area both financial and staffing. At present we are not in the position to service additional bins in the area.



Council outline its protocol for signing tenancy agreements

My first question at Novemeber’s MD meeting,  ‘Can the council outline its protocol for signing tenancy agreements with tenants including a breakdown of how many tenancy agreements have been signed in the municipal district since 2014; the number of tenancies signed by each councillor; and the criteria for selecting councillors to sign tenancy agreements?’

Here is the report issued by: Ms S Scully, Administrative Officer, Housing Section: Tenancy agreements are signed by the tenant being allocated to a social house, a member of staff in the Allocation Section and the Senior Executive Officer in the Housing Department. As the allocation of a social house is an executive function, an Authorised Officer’s Order is signed by the Senior Executive Officer appointing the tenant to the property.
It is a requirement that the council seal is affixed to each tenancy agreement, the council seal must be witnessed by a nominated member.
At the first annual meeting of the county council which was held on the 6 June 2014 all 40 councillors were appointed to witness the affixing of the council’s seal, thereby allowing for any elected member to witness the affixing of the seal.
Data in relation to number of the councillors who witnessed the affixing of the council seal to tenant agreements is not retained in an easily retrievable format however below is the number of local authority social house allocations in the period from 2014-2018 in the Kildare Newbridge Municipal District.
2014 – 25
2015 – 36
2016 – 37
2017 – 57
2018 to date 76

Council provide update regarding the funding of public lighting projects in the district

My first motion at November’s MD meeting; ‘That the council provides an update regarding the funding of public lighting projects in the municipal district to include updates regarding funding sought for public lighting from; the National Public Upgrade project; the council’s draft budget for 2019; and that the consideration of a two-part approach to public lighting on the Green Road, prioritising lighting from Crotanstown/Beechmount estates over the unlit bridge towards Ballymany, be implemented as a reduced cost phase 1.

Here is the report issued by Ms E Wright, Senior Executive Officer, Roads Transportation and Public Safety Section.: The funding of public lighting projects in the county is from the Public Lighting budget and the 2019 Budget is pending approval by the members.
The National Public Upgrade Project proposes to retrofit the existing lights with LEDs – the estimated cost for Kildare for this capital project is circa €9m. Kildare County Council has been preparing and financially planning for this project over recent years, with circa €3.7m set aside towards this project, it is planned to set aside €1.2m over the next 3 years. The council has advised the Road Management Office (overseeing this National project which will be advanced on a regional basis) that it will need to avail of borrowing circa 50% of the capital investment required to complete the project. The members will be provided with further information on the borrowing requirement in due course.
In relation to the Green Road, the Public Lighting Section has visited the location and carried out an assessment based on the criteria set out in KLIPS.
The cost of installing the public lights at this location is in the range of €75,000 to €80,000.
Given the scale of the works requested, this is a project which will require a full technical assessment to determine feasibility of the scheme including land acquisition, civil works and a full costing. In order to achieve best value for money, it is not proposed to split this project.

Kildare and Wicklow ETB – Protected Disclosures

Kildare and Wicklow ETB

Policy for the making of Protected Disclosures

by Kildare and Wicklow ETB Workers

1. Introduction

1.1 Kildare and Wicklow ETB is committed to the highest possible standards of compliance with our legal obligations.

1.2 Kildare and Wicklow ETB values transparency and accountability in its administrative and management practices. This policy therefore supports a culture that:
• gives a voice in matters of ethics;
• enhances an environment where people feel safe in discussing genuine and legitimate concerns about governance and ethical behaviour; and
• questions inappropriate behaviour at all levels throughout the organisation.

1.3 This policy is intended to encourage and enable Kildare and Wicklow ETB workers to raise serious concerns within Kildare and Wicklow ETB in the first instance prior to seeking resolution outside of the ETB. Under this policy a Kildare and Wicklow ETB worker can make a protected disclosure without fear of penalisation or threat of less favourable treatment, subsequent discrimination or disadvantage.

1.4 This policy aims to give effect to the obligations and provisions of the Protected Disclosure Act 2014 and does not replace any legal reporting or disclosure requirements arising under other legislation. Where other statutory reporting requirements or procedures exist these must be fully complied with.

1.5 This policy does not replace Kildare and Wicklow ETB grievance procedures, in particular where the issue relates to an individual worker’s contract of employment this matter should be referred under the Grievance Procedure.

1.6 Kildare and Wicklow ETB Code of Ethics requires all staff to observe the highest legal, management and ethical standards in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities.

2. Who is covered by this policy?

2.1 This policy applies to all Kildare and Wicklow ETB ‘workers’ i.e. Kildare and Wicklow ETB employees at all levels, contractors, trainees, agency staff, former employees, interns, persons on work experience and volunteers.

3. Aim of Policy

3.1 The aim of this policy is to enable Kildare and Wicklow ETB workers to make protected disclosures of relevant wrongdoings that come to their attention during the course of their employment, in the public interest and without fear of suffering consequential detriment.

3.2 ‘Relevant Wrongdoings’ for the purpose of the Protected Disclosure Act 2014 are;
• The commission of an offence
• A miscarriage of justice
• Non-compliance with a legal obligation
• Health and safety threats
• Misuse of public funds
• Mismanagement by a public official
• Damage to the environment
• Conceal or destruction of information on the above

4. Acting in Good Faith

4.1 Any protected disclosure made in good faith is fully protected by this policy, even if the disclosure, report, or concern is, following investigation, is not substantiated.

4.2 It must however, be the reasonable belief of the Kildare and Wicklow ETB worker that the content of their protected disclosure tends to show one or more relevant wrongdoings as prescribed by the Protected Disclosure Act 2014 and that this information has come to their attention during the course of their employment.

4.3 If an investigation uncovers that a protected disclosure has been made vexatiously, maliciously or frivolously, such findings will be treated as a very serious matter by Kildare and Wicklow ETB and may result in disciplinary action or other such action being taken where appropriate.

5. Protected Disclosures

5.1 General
(a) A protected disclosure should be made at the earliest opportunity to allow Kildare and Wicklow ETB to take all necessary action expeditiously.

5.2 Protected Disclosures made by Kildare and Wicklow ETB Worker
(a) In most cases a Kildare and Wicklow ETB worker should make a protected disclosure to their immediate manager.
(b) Should the protected disclosure relate to the relevant manager, then the matter should be referred to the KWETB Director of Schools or other persons nominated by the Chief Executive.

5.3 Format of Protected Disclosures
(a) Where possible, protected disclosures should be expressed in writing and provide as much detail as possible. Ideally the written protected disclosure should contain the following information;
• the background to the disclosure,
• the history of the disclosure,
• the reason for the disclosure,
• the names of those believed to be involved,
• the dates relevant to the disclosure, and
• the places relevant to the disclosure
(b) However, if the worker does not feel able to put the protected disclosure in writing, he/she may telephone or meet with the person to whom they should make the protected disclosure.

5.4 The Processing of Protected Disclosures

5.4.1 The person to whom the initial protected disclosure is made shall normally carry out the inquiry/ investigation into the allegation. However, alternative appropriate persons may carry out the inquiry/ investigation, with the approval of the Chief Executive.

5.4.2 All protected disclosures shall be managed confidentially under these procedures, in so far as is possible (see 6 below).

5.4.3 Prompt and appropriate initial inquiries will be undertaken in order to ascertain whether further investigation is warranted and, if so, in order to decide what form such an investigation should take. Any such investigation will be carried out promptly and appropriate corrective action will be taken.

5.4.4 After initial inquiries, it may become clear that the matter can be resolved without the need for further investigation.

5.4.5 The IAU ETB will be notified of any alleged fraud or irregularity and of the planned investigation into same.

5.4.6 The worker will receive a formal acknowledgement of receipt of the protected disclosure and an outline of how it is proposed to deal with the disclosure within 10 working days.

5.4.7 If the worker so requests, he/she will be informed of the outcome of the inquiry/ investigation, in so far as is possible and subject to any legal constraints.
If the investigation results in an outcome that is not to the worker’s satisfaction, the matter may be referred to the Director of Schools, Chief Executive, or Chairperson of KWETB, as appropriate.

5.4.8 In the event that the matter is referred to the Chairperson, he/she may consult with the Chief Executive or appropriate members of staff for advice provided the investigation of the protected disclosure does not involve these members of staff.
In exceptional circumstances, the Chairperson may request an external third party to investigate or to otherwise provide advice, subject to the approval of the Department of Education and Skills.

6. Anonymous Protected Disclosures

6.1 Anonymous protected disclosures are much less persuasive than those made by a Kildare and Wicklow ETB worker who is willing to be identified. Nevertheless, Kildare and Wicklow ETB will consider anonymous disclosures, having regard to the following:
• The seriousness of the disclosure made.
• The credibility of the content of the disclosure.
• The likelihood of being able to prove or otherwise the allegations being made.
• The availability of credible sources of information.

7. Protected Disclosures made to persons outside of Kildare and Wicklow ETB

7.1 Kildare and Wicklow ETB workers are encouraged to raise their concerns under this protected disclosure policy in the first instance. However it is recognised that this may not always be appropriate therefore this policy, in line with the Protected Disclosure Act 2014 provides for external reporting to ‘Prescribed Persons’ and to ‘Others’.

7.2 If a Kildare and Wicklow ETB worker has reason to believe that;
• he/she would be penalised, or
• the evidence relating to the relevant wrongdoing would be concealed or destroyed in the event of an internal disclosure,
• he/she had previously made a protected disclosure of substantially the same information under the internal process or to a Prescribed Person; or
• the relevant wrongdoing is of an exceptionally serious nature.
In such circumstances provided the worker;
• reasonably believes that the information disclosed and any allegation contained therein are substantially true; and
• the disclosure is not made for personal gain and it is a reasonable disclosure to make;
the worker may make a disclosure to a person other than Kildare and Wicklow ETB provided it is reasonable to make a disclosure to that person bearing in mind;
• the identity of the person to whom the disclosure is made,
• the seriousness of the relevant wrongdoing,
• whether the relevant wrongdoing is continuing or is likely to occur in the future,
• any action which Kildare and Wicklow ETB or the person to whom the previous disclosure was made has taken or might reasonably be expected to have taken as a result of the previous disclosure.

8. Protection of Workers

8.1 Kildare and Wicklow ETB is committed to this policy. If a Kildare and Wicklow ETB worker makes a protected disclosure in good faith, the ETB undertakes not to penalise or victimise the worker for making such a disclosure.

8.2 A worker making a protected disclosure shall:
• Be protected from dismissal
• Be protected from penalisation
• Have a right to anonymity insofar as is possible (not a guarantee)
• Have a right of action in tort for harassment or intimidation
• Be protected from criminal proceedings
• Have civil immunity in an action for damages/defence of qualified privilege

9. Confidentiality

9.1 All protected disclosures will be treated in confidence unless the worker clearly states that they do not object to having their name associated with the protected disclosure.

9.2 Protected Disclosures will be kept secure and in a form that that does not endanger confidentiality of the person making the disclosure. The focus will at all times be on the information in the disclosure rather than the identity of the worker making the disclosure.

9.3 At the appropriate time, however, the identity of the person making the disclosure may need to be revealed if it is necessary for the investigation and in accordance with the principles of natural justice and fair procedures.

9.4 Kildare and Wicklow ETB workers should be aware that evidence, either written or verbal, may be required in court proceedings.

10. A Worker who is the Subject of a Disclosure

10.1 A Kildare and Wicklow ETB worker who is the subject of a protected disclosure is entitled to fair treatment.

10.2 While an investigation is on-going, all reasonable steps will be taken to protect the confidentiality of those who are the subject of allegations in a protected disclosure pending the outcome of the investigation.

11. Record keeping
11.1 Records will be kept securely by Kildare and Wicklow ETB. Access will be restricted to those directly involved in investigating of the disclosure and to the Chief Executive.

11.2 The Chairperson of the ETB Board will keep a secure and confidential record of all matters that have been raised through this policy and dealt with by him/her.

11.3 In respect of anonymous disclosures, should it be decided that no further action is to be taken, details of such disclosures and the reasons for taking no further actions will be recorded.

12. Communication of the Policy
12.1 All Kildare and Wicklow ETB workers will be made aware of this policy.
12.2 This policy should be available on the ETB’s website.
12.3 New workers should receive a copy of this policy as part of their induction and it should be made available on request.
Adopted by: Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board
Date: 14th March , 2017
Version: 01

My requested amendments to the minutes of the KWETB board meeting in Sept

A Meeting of Kildare Wicklow Education & Training Board was held in the Council Chamber, Aras Chill Dara, Naas, on Tuesday 11 th September 2018, Commencing at 10.30 a.m.

Present: Mr Noel Merrick Chairperson, Cllr. Rèada Cronin, Cllr. Fiona McLoughlin-Healy, Cllr. Teresa Murray, Cllr. Daragh Fitzpatrick, Cllr. Naoise Ò’Cearúil, Mr John McDonagh, Ms Finula Haran, Cllr Jennifer Whitmore, Cllr Nicola Lawless, Cllr Aoife Breslin,Mr John Hurley, Cllr Edward Timmins, Dr Elizabeth O’Gorman, Ms Lorraine Hennessy.

In attendance: Dr Deirdre Keyes
Dr Rory O’Toole
Mr Joe Kelly
Ms Caitriona Murphy
Ms M. Dillon
Ms Catherine Doran
Ms Mary Kemmy
Ms Rose Murray

Apology: Cllr. Tommy Annesley
Cllr. Brendan Weld
Cllr Jim Ruttle
Ms Deirdre Coghlan Murray


Chairpersons Welcome
1.1 IPA Support to the Board: Governance
Votes of Sympathy
Declarations of Conflict of Interest
Matters Arising
Reports to the Board
6.1 Chief Executive
6.2 Further Education & Training
6.3 Schools Division
(i) Schools Reconfiguration for Diversity Process

Page 2 of 24

1. Approval of the Board for:
Overdraft Facility
Financial Authority Level
2. Finance Committee Chairperson’s Report No 14 – September 2018
Buildings / Corporate Services
1. KWETB Building Report
H.R. / I.R
7. Correspondence
(i) Department Circular Letters for Adoption
(ii) Other Correspondence and Updates
DES letter regarding Brannoxtown National School
(iii) ETBI Correspondence
Motions for Approval
Schools Division Policies
Interim Patron's Framework
H.R. Policies
Compliant Procedure Approved for Sectoral use
Guidance Notes – Compliant Procedure Approved for Sectoral use
(iii) Corporate Services Policies
(iv) Finance Policies
(vi) F.E.T. Policies
Wicklow Youthreach Child Safeguarding Statement
Establishment of Committees & Nominations to Boards of Management
KWETB to nominate 3 persons to serve on Board of Management of Coláiste
Chiaráin, Leixlip (term of current board ending 31st July 2018)- Email attached
from Joe Sweeney
Replacement for Mr Joe Behan on Board of Management of St Killian’s
Community School, Bray.
Nomination to ETBI Reserved Members Forum
11. Matters deferred from previous meetings
In Committee meeting to adopt minutes of earlier meetings held in committee
Nomination required to Wicklow County Childcare Committee as replacement for
Ms Mary Mooty.

Minute No. ETB-09-01-18

No. 1 Agenda
Chairpersons Welcome
1.1 Support to the Board – Governance
The Chair requested and the Board agreed to the suspension of standing orders to
facilitate an IPA information session by Mr Aidan Horan and Dr Philip Byrne on the
Board Self Evaluation & Performance Review. Mr Horan outlined the programme of work
to be undertaken with the Board which would include questionnaires and interviews. All

Page 3 of 24
members will be contacted and individual interviews will take 45 / 60 minutes. IPA would
hope to have their final report for January 2019.
This process is in line with best practice and is an element of emerging new Codes of
Practice for Governance of Public Bodies.

Minute No. ETB-09-02–18

No. 2 Agenda
Votes of Sympathy
No Votes of Sympathy

Minute No. ETB-09-03-18

No. 3 Agenda
Declarations of Conflict of Interest with regard to the Agenda.
No Declarations of conflict of interest

Minute No. ETB-09-04-18

No. 4 Agenda

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy requested the suspension of standing orders.

Amendment 1
Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy asked that we be allowed to prioritise our board agenda
She gave as an example the fact that the board are and have been in breach of the the code while board members are not aware of the prescribed levels of signing authority. She stated that because the agenda is a template agenda it means important items like this are not put to the top of the agenda.

Cllr Fiona Mcloughlin Healy stated that the other issue she wished to discuss related to the minutes and that she was getting very worried about the editing of the minutes. Cllr McLoughlin Healy stated that in this months minutes it was omitted that she had clearly highlighted a previous omission relating to the code of conduct and contracts signed by the former CE. She stated the Chair had given his apologies at the last meeting re not getting to it, and yet this was not again noted in the minutes. She stated she had asked clearly asked for the omission to be noted.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy stated the new CE’s first statement to the board which was hugely important had been omitted from the minutes. She stated that board members had made significant introductory statements to the new CE and these had been omitted Cllr McLoughlin Healy stated that over an hour and a half of important statements re from board members and the new CE were omitted from the minutes.

Cllr Fiona Mcloughlin Healy proposed – that board be permitted to prioritise the
agenda in line with organisational objectives


Page 4 of 24
Chair Noel Merrick expressed his concerns about who would decide the priorities for
any board meeting.

Cllr Naoise O Cearruil – stated that perhaps motions submitted might be a way of addressing item on the agenda. But expressed his concerns that you could have some board members submitting 20 items for the agenda. He stated that perhaps limiting motions to two per member might be a way around it.

Cllr Fiona Mcloughlin Healy – stated that it will not be possible to get through what we promised to the Minister in our remaining few meeting as a board if we don’t prioritise our agenda. She stated she agreed that getting items on the agenda might be achieved by way of submitting motions and that she had been trying to get items on agenda by way of motions and that this had not resulted in items being added to the agenda. She stated that when she asked for items to be added to the agenda that she was informed that the full board must agree if any member wants to add an item to agenda. She asked the Chair to point to where it states in Standing Orders that board must vote on all members submitted motions before they can be added to the agenda

Chair Noel Merrick – stated there had to be a process for adding items to the agenda but there has to be a process for asking is it proper and right to have an item added to the agenda if it is going to lead to legal action against ourselves. We have to have a system that protects peoples reputations. If it gives the impression that peoples reputations are going to be hurt, I need to protect you all from that and individual members.

Cllr Naoise O Cearuil – stated that we have an IPA review re the operation of the board, back in January – and stated how agenda is dealt with might form part of that review. And suggested IPA attend next board meeting

Cllr Ed Timmins – stated that if a member wishes an item to be on the agenda, they contact the Chair and ask him to put it on the agenda and the Chair can make a call on it. He stated if the member is not happy with the response, they bring it to the meeting and look for a vote on it and the support of the board.

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Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy – asked for an opportunity to clarify. She stated that we have rules in place about procedure and order of business and that we do not get to make up rules as we go along. She stated that making up a rule that the entire board must agree to a board members request to add item to the agenda , when its not in our standing orders is something the Chair must clarify for himself. She stated there were rules in place for the setting of the agenda and those rules are not being followed. She stated that the reason given as to why her requested items were not on the agenda was a flawed one. She stated that we operate under guiding rules – the Standing Orders and the Code of Governance and that we are currently in breach of the code. She stated she had brought this to the Chair’s attention. She stated her concern about a lack of familiarity with the standing orders and with proper conduct of the meetings

Chair, Noel Merrick – stated he took her point but did not agree and reserved his
position on all of that. He stated he was aware of issues that were brought to him and
replied to them all. He acknowledged that there was one on breaches of the code and
that that was being deal with
Cllr McLoughlin Healy – asked the Chair if it the breaches would be brought to the board

Chair, Merrick – stated there was a process in place and he wanted to leave it at that. He stated he wanted to take Cllr O Cearuil’s proposal that all issues around the the agenda etc be brought to the IPA as part of the discussion

Cllr McLoughlin Healy asked for the Chair’s support in relation to her proposal as there were two proposals made by two members at last months meeting that the Chair did not pursue for support while proposals made by other members had been jumped on by the Chair to get support from other members.

Cllr Mcloughlin Healy restated her proposal , that the board prioritise items for the agenda for our meetings,

Chair Noel Merrick – stated he would go ahead and take a vote but didn’t know how it would be possible to prioritise

Cllr Teresa Murray – stated she could not vote for it because she didn’t know how you could prioritise items.


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Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy – stated that at the moment the board had no say in how the agenda is prioritised. She was simply asking that the statutory obligations be met but that if there was general agreement that a particular item was important that the board would have the option to prioritise it on the agenda
Cllr Jennifer Whitmore – stated that what Cllr McLoughlin Healy was seeking was essentially that we should be operating by Standing Orders and asked why it was necessary to have a vote
Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy – stated that the Standing Orders were silent as to prioritising items on the agenda. She highlighted that the board had just a few meetings left that there was a body of work to get through and that if the board did not prioritise the agenda they would not get through it.

She proposed going forward that the agenda for future meetings be set by the Board taking
into account items of importance to the working of the Board. A discussion took place on
prioritisation of agenda items.

Several suggestions were made:

Prioritise in line with key business goals committed to in response to Thorn Report.

Have it form part of the IPA review

Members make request to the Chair to put an item on the agenda

That the items be taken under A.O.B.

It was proposed by Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy, seconded by Cllr Nicola Lawless
that the Board prioritise items for the agenda. A vote was taken – 7 members voted
for, 5 voted against and there were 3 abstentions. The motion was carried.
Cllr Naoise O Cearuil – proposed that IPA come to meeting to advise us about these issues
Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy – agreed and asked that the board be informed of the cost associated with the IPA attending in advance.

Cllr Jennifer Whitmore – proposed review of Standing Orders
Chair sought seconder and agreement for both Naoise O Cearuil and Jennifer Whitmore’s proposals

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It was proposed by Cllr Naoise O’Cearuil, seconded by Cllr Fiona McLoughlin
Healy that the IPA attend the next Board meeting to see how it operates. Costings to
be obtained- A 24( if applicable was not included )

Standing Orders – It was proposed by Cllr Jennifer Whitmore and seconded Cllr
Naoise O’Cearuil that the Standing Orders be reviewed and amended.

CE raised the issue of the need for clarity between the executive and the reserve function regarding Standing Orders and prioritisation of the Agenda.

The Minutes of the KWETB Meeting of Tuesday 19 th June were presented. The Chair advised he had received amendments to the minutes from Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy the night before and had not had time to read them. He suggested going forward that amendments to minutes be forwarded to the Chair at least 4 days in advance of the
meeting. A brief discussion took place regarding amendments to minutes. It was proposed by Cllr Edward Timmins, seconded by Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy and agreed that the amendments be deferred to the next meeting.
The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 19 th June, 2018 which were previously circulated on MinutePad, were deferred to the next meeting. Minute No. ETB-09-05-18

No. 5 Agenda
Matters Arising
Cllr Nicola Lawless – asked if the board would get an update or a report in relation to BIFE and stated that some members of Wicklow Educate Together were in the gallery. She also stated she had asked specific questions about the sub-committee report about the legal advice and asked if the answers to those questions would be given today.

CE – stated that the issues around BIFE would be in the board reports later

Chair, Noel Merrick welcomed members of Educate Together in the gallery

Cllr Nicola Lawless asked if she was to get answers to questions re legal advice.

Chair Noel Merrick stated he would have someone answer the questions

A discussion took place regarding omissions from the minutes of meetings. e.g. details of
the new CE’ first address to the Board and the long discussion of RTE’s Primetime
Investigates” programme at June 19 th meeting.

Cllr Reada Cronin – stated in relation to the minutes that she was very disappointed at how scant they were and asked that more detail be taken in the minutes of this meeting. She stated if you were to read minutes of our last meeting in Wicklow you would think that every member of the board had their heads in the stand, that there had been no discussion of the RTE Primetime Investigates report. She stated if the members of the board considered it important enough to discuss it should be recorded. She stated the minutes were shocking

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy – stated that the minutes are something that the Audit Committee rely on. She stated that she had experience of discussion of board minutes at Audit Committee where because something was not recorded in the minutes, that that was taken to mean that board members had no difficulty with something. She stated we needed to look at what is in the minutes and why and what is the function of the minutes and what should be recorded in them. She stated that there were key statements at the last meeting that were not recorded and should have been.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy referenced page 7 of the minutes where she had asked about
risk reporting. She stated that we are obliged as board members to be informed around
risk and that she had communicated that to the Chair as part of a longer list of where
we are failing to comply with the code. She asked what was the status of an agreement
of the board if it is not reported in the minutes as we had previously agreed at a board
meeting in Wicklow that there would be a risk report included under each directors
report. She stated we had made promises also to the Minister in March that Risk would
form part of the board reports. She asked why the board are not being informed of Risk
then , including our exposure in relation to legal cases.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy noted from reports that a new financial statement is being requested of ETBs that includes specific reporting on legal, consultancy and hospitality expenditure. She stated outlays on legal and consultancy services had been asked for on numerous occasions and hadn’t been responded to and she welcomed the requirement that these be provided.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy referenced pg 15 of minutes – re revised statement of financial control to be brought to the Audit committee and approved for adoption by the board.
She asked for the status of the Audit Committee which had not met since May, whether there was still an Audit Committee and when meetings were to be held.

Chair Noel Merrick confirmed the Audit Committee was in place and that the Chair is not resigned. He stated that there would will be changes in personnel because the 3 year term of the Chair is coming to an end at end of September. And the executive will have to go through a process of identifying a new external member for the Audit Committee.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy asked if there was an urgency in light of the imminent departure of the Chair of the Audit Committee to seek answers from the Chair of the Audit Committee, regarding the legal advice

Chair Noel Merrick – stated he was really cautious about the main board getting involved in the work of the Audit Committee. He stated they were independent of each other and didn’t think the two should cross.
Cllr McLoughlin Healy – asked the Chair for direction as to how we should address the with-holding of legal advice

Chair Noel Merrick – deferred the question and stated he would come back to this after the board had finished other business

Cllr Jennifer Whitmore – stated she felt like she was in groundhog day. She stated that she had raised the issue of transcription before. She stated that it worked well in Wicklow County Council where they had both a long and short version of minutes. She reminded the Chair that we had previously agreed to get costings for transcript.

It was proposed by Cllr Jennifer Whitmore, seconded by Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy that costings for a stenographer be acquired. A 32 so that we could vote on it at the next meeting

The Chair advised the Thorn Report still remains unpublished. The Secretary General
confirmed the Minister had received the report as late as early July.

Chair Noel Merrick read a letter sent from a principal officer in the Dept on July 13th providing an update on the report from Mr Thorn. The Chair stated both he and the CE had been invited to a meeting the following day to meet officials in the dept of Education and that he had no clarity on what that meeting was about.
He stated he was keen to get the report so we can publicly go ahead with all the commitments and report back to the board on how we are getting on with those commitments

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy – stated she wished to clarify that what she had been asking for was was an update on the executives assurances to the Minister, the list of commitments developed by and known to officials, which she presumed were being progressed including the code of conduct reviews etc.

Chair Noel Merrick stated it was only the senior executives that were involved in putting the commitments together, that it didn’t come through the organisation and that people on the ground are not be aware of those.
Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy – stated that this was significant and asked if the Chair was stating that the commitments were not being delivered on Chair Noel Merrick said there was a lot happening in parallel, a lot of work going on anyway through the OSD reports

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy asked the Chair for clarification around ownership and progress of the commitments even if staff on the ground were not aware of what was in the report

Chair Noel Merrick stated that the difficulty was that the board were working to improve governance all the time but the actual points brought to Minister are part of a confidential report and that that was where it was at

Cllr Fiona McLoughin Healy stated that the board had had a report on the status of some of the commitments as part of the response to the Thorn report which indicated that work had started and that all she was looking for was an update on that

Chair Noel Merrick said he took Cllr McLoughlin Healy’s point and we would come to that when we discussed the OSD report

The members expressed their frustration on the length of time it has taken for the Report
to be published and requested the Executive inform the Minister of their frustration at the
delay in publishing.

Cllr Jennifer Whitmore asked that at the meeting the following day that the Chair communicate the boards frustration at long the process was taking. She stated that this board was coming to the end of its term and the new board would come in with no knowledge of what has happened and that it is important for the document to be published

A wide ranging discussion took place around legal advice given to the Board covering the
need for clarity on exactly what advice was given and how this advice was treated by the
persons to whom it was given.

Chair Noel Merrick stated the other issue he wished to raise was in relation to legal advices to the board from 2017. He stated he was asking that we would take out the the name of the firm in all our discussions around that for obvious reasons and to refer instead to legal advices to the board 2017

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy – stated she was concerned that the board did not know how many firms were providing legal advice to the board during that time. She stated she had sent a communication to the Chair, Noel Merrick where she outlined evidence that the former CE had written to the firm the Chair was referencing, stating that they were not the legal advisors to the board, that in fact another firm were providing legal advices to the board. She suggested naming the firm the Chair was referring to as firm A and the second as firm B. She stated she would not like to obscure from our own visibility how many firms were providing legal advice for and on behalf of the board. Cllr Mcloughlin Healy asked for clarity around that

Chair Noel Merrick stated that the issue of the second firm had also been raised by the

CE Deirdre Keyes restated the concerns about referring to persons bearing in mind where we are as an organisation. She stated she had reviewed as best she could all of the legal advices of the second firm. She stated a lot of the advice related to day to day matters of the running of the ETB .

She stated amounts of invoices no where near firm
A. She stated that in relation to advice that may or may not have been given in respect
of the investigation that she is seeking clarity from firm B as to the nature of that

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy asked that it be kept on record for the next update that it had been communicated that firm B were identified as having provided legal advice for the board and that that is legal advice that should be made available to the board, if that is the case.

CE Deirdre Keyes stated she had sought more information on firm B advice and in order be able to ascertain from that whether advice was for the board

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy – asked the if the board could get information about our legal expenditure and our exposure as a board in relation to legal cases, how many legal cases we are involved in as a board and what our potential exposure is in that regard CE, Deirdre Keyes stated she was not certain. She queried whether Fiona McLoughlin Healy was requesting all legal cases or just in relation to this issue.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy – clarified that the board needed to know how much the board have spent for all legal advice since 2014, across how many companies and for what.

CE Deirdre Keyes stated for the purposes of today she had just been asked to look at legal advice perhaps pertaining to the board. Regarding broader issues regarding legal advice she would look at how best to import that information for the board

Chair Noel Merrick – stated if we are to take action in relation to the legal advice that it required everyone to be informed. He suggested that members in Wicklow might come together on a day or two that might suit in Wicklow, or Kildare, Maynooth to access legal advice from firm A. The Chair stated that there was a difficulty moving forward if everyone was not informed as to what is in the legal advice.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that it took her about 4 days to go through the legal advice. She stated that that most board members would not have that level of time to give to going through the legal advice. She stated that what is in the legal advice could not be ignored however, unless we want to be in breach of the code.

She stated she had had a discussion with the current legal advisor about the numbers accessing the legal advice and that she subsequently recommended to the Chair that the board’s current
legal advisor present to the board the material information in the files highlighting the implications for the board. She proposed that a summary presentation from the legal advisor as to the relevant information in the legal advice folders would be a practical way of discharging our duty to be informed.

She stated that the board needed to move forward more quickly on the withholding of the legal advice.

Chair Noel Merrick stated that he could pursue this option again but that his information was that the current legal advisor was not in a position to make a presentation. To get someone else to do it , we would have to pass a resolution to get legal advice, that instructions would have to be very clear. He stated his third concern would be the cost.

Cllr Mcloughlin Healy asked for clarity as to why the board’s legal advisor was not in a position to advise the board in relation to the legal files he has in his possession and with which he is already familiar. She stated that this warranted further scrutiny.

Chair Noel Merrick stated the legal advisors role is in relation to the criminal investigation taking place and that that is his primary role. The Chair stated that if the board resolves to do so he would do that

Fiona McLoughlin Healy proposed that we go back to him to ask him to do the presentation as her understanding was that the legal advisor was open to this

Cllr Naoise O Cearuil – stated that he assumed that because IPB are paying Mr Lanigan that he takes direction from IPB and not from the board and asked for clarification on that CE Deirdre Keyes stated that it is the legal advisors remit is to advise the board in relation to the criminal investigation. She stated however, that there may be matters arising from the advisements which we may need to be advised on that don’t directly relate to the criminal investigation. She stated this was her understanding and that we may need separate legal advice in relation to other matters. The CE said if the board required that in writing she didn’t think there was any difficulty with that.

The question of getting a synopsis of the advice was raised. The Vice Chair pointed out that a report on this issue was provided to the Board and that he could not see the benefit or justification for spending money on another report.

Vice-Chair John McDonagh stated that the sub-committee spent months going through the legal advices page by page with Michael Lanigan. He stated he did not know what else could be gained from bringing Michael Lanigan in front of the board and telling us what the sub-committee have already put in front of the board in black and white about the advices that were received, the advices that were ignored, the duties that previous Chairs did not fulfil. John McDonagh asked what do we have to do when it is in black and white.

He stated that personally he did not know how the previous Chairs could remain members of the board after the sub-committee report.

Cllr Fiona Mcloughlin Healy stated she agreed with John McDonagh that we had sufficient information to make a decision now but stated that the Chair said that the board cannot take action until everyone goes through the legal files. She restated what had been highlighted by the sub-committee report; that information was withheld from the board by the former Chairs; the former

Chairs refused repeatedly to bring the issue of the C&AGs queries to the board; they refused to advise the board that they could suspend the CE; and refused to advise the board or the Audit Committee that they could conduct an investigation.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy stated that what is not in the sub-committee report is the evidence that they were made aware of section 4.5 of the code from firm A who advised them they required the authority of the board to engage them as legal advisors. She stated that this information in the legal files that they were aware they were knowingly breaching the code is important in terms of implications and responsibilities of the board to deal with that. She also noted that the advice that the Chairs were taking on personal risk by refusing to act on the legal advice was not in the sub-committee report.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated she and John McDonagh and other board members could state the very serious issues arising and the consequences that should result from those at every meeting for the next six months but that they were not being listened to and that was why she was recommending that the legal advisor be asked to advise the board.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy proposed again a second time that our board legal advisor be asked to consult on this issue.

Cllr Jennifer Whitmore stated she found it frustrating that the board were back in the same position again where there are legal advisors advising someone but we don't know who and who is advising us. She stated there had been changes in the legal advisors role that initially it related to the initial investigation and now he was being funnelled into the criminal investigation.

Cllr Naoise O Cearuil stated he did not have the opportunity to go through the legal files. He suggested to procure Lanigan and co to go through the legal files with us separately.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that that was the starting point of the discussion and that was the proposal for which she had sought support because Michael Lanigan would not have to do further work to acquaint himself with the files.

CE Deirdre Keyes – asked for clarity and the fact that we needed a board resolution and needed to take into account the cost for same

Cllr Reada Cronin stated she would advise all members to go through legal advice and that she would be willing to meet them to go through the legal advice. She stated she had proposed at the last meeting that the former Chair and former Vice Chair would consider their position. She stated she agreed with John McDonagh that if they didn’t consider their position we should be taking a motion to expel them from the board.

Chair Noel Merrick stated again that we needed to be very careful

Cllr Reada Cronin said she would stand over what she said

Cllr Teresa Murray stated that it was very disappointing that once again the board are being left to the side in relation to legal advice. She stated we needed to know how much the legal advice would cost and what they were going to offer. She stated she thought the board needed the advice.

Cllr Jennifer Whitmore asked whether Michael Lanigan could represent the IPB and the board.

CE Deirdre Keyes stated Michael Lanigan is representing the board in relation to the criminal investigation

Director of OSD Noel Kelly stated the board is entitled to independent legal advice but must ensure tax payers money is spent well, that we must be very careful about.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy stated she thought it was now very important to clarify if Michael Lanigan was our representative for the criminal investigation or legal advisor. The board had not instructed anyone to be a representative or conduit to the criminal investigation on our behalf. She stated she did not know what had changed since the last time she spoke with Michael Lanigan regarding presenting the material elements of the extensive legal advice files to the board. She stated that in terms of cost that obviously someone like Michael Lanigan who had spent days,weeks and months going through the issues would not be charging for those hours a second time like a new firm to the issues

Cllr Mcloughlin Healy asked that it be clarified how many board members have accessed the legal advice available. She stated she did not need names, just numbers.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy asked the Chair if he had seen the legal advice

Chair Noel Merrick stated he had. He stated that it was for others to say whether they had accessed the legal advice

Cllr Fiona Mcloughlin Healy stated she did not need to know names only numbers. She stated we to know as a board how informed we are in relation to this.

Chair Noel Merrick stated that he knew of a handful , that he only knew those that told him they had seen it .

The Chair said the protocol was for the members to contact Michael Lanigan. He stated that whether they chose to take up their offer was their own private business and that he was not going to take a roll call

Chair Noel Merrick said he could go back to Michael Lanigan on all these issues and if he was willing to come to the next meeting as proposed by Cllr McLoughlin Healy that the Chair was perfectly happy for him to do so. He stated if Michael Lanigan was not happy to come to the meeting then we needed to look at plan B

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that in that case the board would have to make a decision , that if we didn’t have someone to give us a more nuanced view we would have to go on the basis of what we had seen and heard

Vice Chair John McDonagh – stated that he found it shocking when he went through the legal advice file. He stated he did not know what one more minute with Michael Lanigan would tell us that we didn’t already know. He stated that we knew enough to take action and that if we were mindful to take action we should take action. He stated the difficulty is that the code of practice does not have sanctions for board members who are in dereliction of their duties

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that she supported John McDonagh’s position stating that what she was attempting to do was to make some progress. She stated her request that Michael Lanigan advise the board stemmed from frustration at finding out hugely important information and the board not acting on it.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy referred to the code review she had completed which highlights where the board were in breach or potentially in breach of the code and proposed that that it be circulated to the members. She stated she was happy for the Chair to remove any section of her code review that he had any concerns about

Chair Noel Merrick stated he had read it but hadn’t studied it in the detail required.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that the code review she had completed was with the Chair since the 21st of August and that the purpose of putting together the review was to speed things up not slow them down. It was intended to highlight to the board how actions outlined in the legal advice might be in breach of the code and might also require action under the code. She stated there was little value in not circulating to the board

Chair Noel Merrick stated he appreciated the latitude Cllr Mcloughlin Healy had given him to read the code review and asked that she leave it with him.

Cllr Fiona Mcloughlin Healy stated that she wished to clarify for John McDonagh that the code does provide a sanction to remove board members who knowingly breach the code.

Chair Noel Merrick stated that these were very serious moves.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that because they were serious did not mean the
board did not have to take them

The position of the previous Chair, Vice Chair of KWETB and the Chair of the Audit Committee was raised again. The Chair pointed out the need for fair procedures to be followed.

Chair Noel Merrick stated that fair procedures had to be followed and people had a right to their reputation

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy asked the Chair to outline what those fair procedures might be and why the delay Chair Noel Merrick stated that they were entitled to know what they were accused of and a right to reply and a right to be represented. He stated he could not say how the code operates in such a matter. The Chair stated we cannot come in here as a board and vote on something we have not considered

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated it was important that the Chair be aware of his obligations under the code on this particular issue. She stated that fair procedures did not mean doing nothing. She stated she disagreed that the board had not considered the issue as there had been a sub-committee report in relation to the issue

Chair Noel Merrick stated he would go through the document sent to him by Cllr McLoughlin Healy. He said that we needed to take our time and tread carefully and that he had to protect the organisation.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that if we did not know how to move ahead in a fair manner that we then we needed to get legal advice

Chair Noel Merrick stated we could talk to Michael Lanigan and pass a resolution Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that should we decide not to get legal advice that that did not resolve us of our duty to adhere to the code by dealing with a breach by members

Chair Noel Merrick asked for section 4.5 to be read out CE Deirdre Keyes read section 4.5

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy asked to remind the board that the section just read was the section brought to the attention of the three former chairs by the legal advisors

Chair Noel Merrick stated he did not think the board were in a position to pass a resolution on it today. He stated he would start the process of taking legal advice and would come back to the board the next day

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that it was important to record that we had had the discussion around whether it was necessary to get legal advice

Chair Noel Merrick agreed it was necessary and that he would draft what was required and circulate it and come back with costs. He stated he would speak with Michael Langian about whether he could present to the board.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy asked that it be on record that even if the board do not go ahead with engaging legal advice that the board would still have to make a decision as to what has been found in the legal advice, and in the sub-committee report Chair Noel Merrick stated that he took Cllr Mcloughlin on board completely

The Chair undertook to start the process of seeking legal advice and to report to the Board at the next meeting. Members commented that discussions around this issue takes up valuable time which is needed to conduct the statutory business of the Board. Cllr Réada Cronin suggested another Board meeting be held before November 13 th . Chair suggested this be taken at the end of the meeting.

Minute No. ETB-09-06-18

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No. 6 Agenda
Reports to the Board
Input from Chief Executive
CE addressed the Board. She advised it is the intent of the executive to move forward even
though we are currently working through difficult and challenging issues.
CE welcomed the IPA review stating that it is essential for the Board.
She spoke on a positive note of the huge portfolio of building projects currently with
KWETB. She advised that Coláiste Ráithín has now opened.
Cllr Jennifer Whitmore welcomed the news that Colaiste Raithin was now open. She spoke
of the Educate Together School and requested the Executive engage with them because of
the level of uncertainty locating the school on the BIFE campus.
Cllr Nicola Lawless requested that communication regarding the Educate Together school
and its location be kept open and that the Board are kept be up to date.
Dr Elizabeth O’Gorman advised that the staff of BIFE are concerned about having the
Educate Together school on the BIFE campus.
CE advised KWETB are now the Patron of Brannoxtown Community National school
having been chosen by the community as the patron of choice.
The CE advised the Board that the Chair and herself had been invited to attend a meeting
with the Secretary General on the 12 th September. There was no clarity provided from the
DES on the agenda.

1. Further Education & Training (FET)

Caitriona Murphy, Director of FET, brought the members through the FET report.
She advised she was informed by the Dept of Justice and Equality, that following a
national tender process for Emergency Reception and Orientation Centres (EROCs), the
Hazel Hotel would cease to operate as an EROC on 9 th August 2018 and convert to a direct
provision centre. The Primary school has ceased but Further Education section is
continuing to provide programmes.
Caitriona reported on future apprenticeship programmes coming on board.
She also reported on youth services and facilities for further education and training
centres. She did advise the lack of personnel is evident in relation to targets set out by
SOLAS to be delivered by FET. She confirmed that sanction has been received from DES
for some critical posts for KWETB in relation to FET.
Schools Division
Rory O’Toole, Director of Schools brought the members through the DOS report.
He advised that after a delay of one week, Colaiste Raithin is now open.

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He spoke regarding the delay in opening of St Conleth’s extension and advised KWETB
hope to take possession of the building soon, on satisfactory completion of snags and
defects listed by the Design team.
He thanked members of the Board for their participation in many of the selection panels
for teaching posts.
Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy questioned how members are selected to sit on interview
panels. The Chair requested she raise the issue under A.O.B.
Schools Reconfiguration for Diversity Process
Following engagement with the Department of Education and Skills, KWETB opened its
third Community National School on 3 September 2018. Sanction for the opening of the
school was received from the Minister on 8 August 2018.

4. OSD Report

Joe Kelly, Director of OSD, brought the members through the OSD report
He spoke regarding IPA and KWETB engagement re Governance Framework.
John McDonagh enquired about costings of IPA. Even though there is no requirement to
tender for the service of IPA the rates and costings of other companies on the framework
have been checked and IPA represents good value for money.
It was confirmed the Corporate Risk Register is complete.
Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that Risk should be a standing item on the agenda for
Board meetings and that Risks should be advised to the Board. She referred in particular
to legal cases against the Board.
The implementation of the new Procurement Policy continues with training of staff.
Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy advised she has issues around tender opening and the new
Sectoral Procurement Policy which she feels does not address the weaknesses around
selection process for tender opening panels.

Overdraft Facility
The Chair informed the Board that it is prudent to have an over draft facility in place as
the financial year comes to an end. The approval of the Board is required to make the
request for the overdraft to the Dept. Approval has been given in recent years but it has not
been necessary to draw it down.
It was proposed by Mr John McDonagh, seconded by Mr John Hurly and agreed to
make a request to the Dept for an overdraft facility.

Financial Authority Level

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Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that the draft document containing proposed signing authorities was an important document. She stated that we have not been complying with the code while we were uninformed as to the prescribed levels of signing authority within the organisation. She stated she had been asking for the prescribed levels of signing authority for over a year and that this was a draft document not the current levels she had requested. She asked that the current levels be circulated
Deferred to the next meeting as members did not have sufficient time to examine prior to
the meeting.
Finance Committee Chairperson’s Report No 14 – September 2018
Noel Merrick brought the members through the Finance Committee report

Corporate Services
KWETB Building Report

Mary Dillon, Corporate Services Manager, brought the members through the building
Cllr Nicola Lawless enquired about the status of the Colaiste Chraobh Abhann extension
and the status of Blessington Community College extension.
Colaiste Chraobh Abhann Extension – It was confirmed that SLA approval to proceed to
appointment of Design Team is awaited from DES. Colaiste Chraobh Abhann Temporary
Accommodation – approval has been received for temporary accommodation of 2 general
classrooms and 1 science room received from Department.  Closing date for tenders for
consultants is 19 th September, 2018.
KWETB are currently waiting on SLA permission to appoint a Design Team for
Blessington Community College.
Dr Elizabeth O’Gorman requested an update on additional accommodation at Naas
Community College. She advised there are huge concerns regarding the current situation
in the school, informing there is insufficient room for students.
It was confirmed sanction to proceed with additional prefabs is expected from the Dept on
11 th September 2018.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy enquired about St Conleth’s Community College extension
and wanted it noted that the Board of Management of the school had not been informed
that the extension would not be opening in September. She stated that she has since
written to the Chair of the board of St Conleths asking why the school board of
management were not notified that the building was not opening in time for the new
school term September.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy stated that she had asked the Chair and the CE to talk to the gardai investigating the issues arising at the building project before asking her to accept the reassurances of anyone that has been involved in project. She stated that a separate gardai investigation to the fraud squad investigation was underway and that the investigating gardaí were based in Enniscorthy. She asked when it was now scheduled to open

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Cllr McLoughlin Healy proposed that an independent assessment by someone not involved in the project be asked to provide reassurances to the board. She stated that she wanted this proposal on record along with the request that the Chair and the CE speak with the investigating Gardaí

Cllr Mcloughlin Healy stated that she was aware that the main contractors at St Conleths are taking cases against the KWETB and the board should be aware of those legal cases and of our risk exposure.

Cllr Mcloughlin Healy stated that CIF now raising concerns around certification after rather than before manufacture and asked that we be aware of that as a board when asked about certification

Chair Noel Merrick stated he did not know about the court cases but he would find out. He stated no-one had been in contact with the Gardai investigating the project

Mary Dillon stated she hoped St Conleths would be open in about 6-8 weeks

Cllr Teresa Murray requested an update on the timeline of the Maynooth Education
Campus and enquired about the security fencing.
It was confirmed the Design Team are on course to go to tender in mid -November.
The security fencing had been tidied up to make it more secure.

H.R. / I.R.

(i) ETB Representatives for Interview Panels – In exceptional circumstances where an
ETB cannot source an ETB representative (member) for the particular interview process
and is advised in advance of that interview process to the Chair of the ETB Board by the
CE, the position shall be filled by a nominee of the ETB drawn from a panel endorsed by
the CE and agreed by the board and comprising of persons only from within the
geographical area of the ETB.
(ii)Circular letter 0003/2018 – Leadership and Management in Post Primary Schools
(Refers to representatives for interview panels)
Proposed by Dr Elizabeth O’Gorman, seconded by Mr John Hurley and agreed
selected ETB representatives can sit on interview panels.

Minute No. ETB-09-07-18

No. 7Agenda

Department Circular Letters for Adoption
(ii) Other Correspondence and Updates
DES letter regarding Brannoxtown National School
(iii) ETBI Correspondence

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Minute No. ETB-09-08-18

No. 8 Agenda
Motions for Approval

Minute No. ETB-09-09-18

No. 9 Agenda
Policies for Adoption
School Policies
Interim Patron's Framework
Noted by the Board.
H.R. Policies
Compliance Procedure Approved for Sectoral use
Guidance Notes – Compliant Procedure Approved for Sectoral use
Compliance Procedure Approved for Sectoral use –
Proposed by Cllr Nicola Lawless, seconded by Mr John McDonagh and agreed by
the meeting
Corporate Services Policies
(i) Finance Policies
(ii) F.E.T. Policies
Wicklow Youthreach Child Safeguarding Statement
2. Proposed by Cllr Nicola Lawless, seconded by Mr John McDonagh and agreed by
the meeting

Minute No. ETB-09-10-18

No. 10Agenda
Establishment of Committees & Nominations to Boards of Management
KWETB to nominate 3 persons to serve on board of management of Coláiste
Chiaráin, Leixlip (term of current board ending 31st July 2018)- Email attached
from Joe Sweeney
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Replacement for Mr Joe Behan on board of management of St Killian’s
Community School, Bray.
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Nomination to ETBI Reserved Members Forum
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Minute No. ETB-09-11-18

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No. 11 Agenda
Matters deferred from previous meetings
In Committee meeting to adopt minutes of earlier meetings held in committee
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Nomination required to Wicklow County Childcare Committee as replacement
for Ms Mary Mooty.
Proposed by Dr Elizabeth O’Gorman, seconded by Mr John Hurley and agreed that
Ms Mary Lally be nominate to Wicklow County Childcare Committee as
replacement for Ms Mary Mooty.

Minute No. ETB-09-12-18

No. 12 Agenda

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My requested amendments to the minutes of the KWETB board meeting in June

Amendment 1 Page 3 No. 4 Minutes

 “Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy asked about the assurance on page 3 of the minutes that information re the to code of conduct and contract signed by previous CE would be reported at this meeting. She stated she could not find it on the agenda.  The Chair apologised stating that he didn’t get to it with the change over of the new CE.  Cllr McLoughlin Healy asked to have it noted that this is the third time that we are asking for the Code of Conduct and the contract signed by the previous CE.  The Chair agreed that a note would be taken of it”

Amendment 2 – No.5 Agenda 

“ The Chair read out the following note to the Board – there is an active Garda investigation being pursued and we are co-operating fully. Because of nature and extent of the investigation the advice to the Board and the executive is that persons pursuing matters connected to that investigation could be seen to be interfering with that investigation and are precluded from public comment. Any board member with relevant information have a duty to bring that information to the Garda detectives over the case. The Chair stated he wanted to put it on record that we have to be really careful around matters being investigated by the Gardai”

Amendment 3 – no 5 Agenda 

The Chief Executive stated she was delighted and privileged to be appointed to the role of CE of KWETB. The CE assured the Board she was committed to the delivery of the highest quality education and training service to Kildare and Wicklow in a way that was fully accountable. The CE stated she intended to bring her expertise and integrity to the job. She stated she wanted to acknowledge the commitment of the staff. She stated she had reviewed the Senior Management Team, current procurement procedures and management accounts she was confidence that KWETB works to highest standards. The CE said she would rely on the Board to get work through this very challenging time.

Cllr Jennifer Whitmore welcomed the CE and stated that the situation had been very unsettling for everyone. She asked if the Board could be furnished with the most recent responses of the executive to the C&AG. Rory O Toole stated that the correspondence going to and fro would not be fit for public consumption. The Chair clarified that the C&AG queries had been answered.

Cllr Reada Cronin welcomed the CE and read out the statement of the sub-committee looking into the Philip Lee Bill”

Ends at statement of the sub-committee

Amendment 4 – after sub-committee report

Cllr Reada Cronin referred to the RTE Investigates Programme and the CE’s reference to it. She stated that what was striking about the sub-committees review was the absolute refusal by the former Chair, the Vice and the Chair of the Audit Committee to listen to the advice they were given to inform the Board which meant that for two and half months the Board did not know about the C&AG queries. Cllr Cronin stated that the Chair and the vice Chair were in breach of section 4.2 of the Code, in that they did not behave in the best interests of the ETB and that persons could be excluded by the Chair person. She stated that the two members should consider their position. Cllr Cronin stated that we needed a further investigation into how this was allowed to go on for so long and why Board members turned a blind eye.

The Chair interjected stating that he was very concerned about the direction the conversation was going. He stated fair procedures demand people are entitled to their good name, without question and to ascribe ulterior motions we had to be very careful about what we say. We may disagree with their actions but that that was a personal opinion. The Chair stated that the legal fees and the investigation were two completely separate matters, two distinct issues and asked the Board not to conflate the two or allow it to distract from the major investigation which was causing us all turmoil. The Chair stated that that was what happened, why it happened and we are committed to getting answers to that.

Cllr Cronin clarified she had stated that the Chairs had breached 4.2 of the Code.

Ends before Cllr Daragh Fitzpatrick’s statement (which is in the minutes ) 

Amendment 5 

“The Chair agreed to contact the Minister to request release of the report.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy welcomed the Chair and stated that she hoped the CE understood the hopes that go with the CE appointment. She stated that she had been talking to people for months and staff on the ground who had been impacted by manifestations of poor governance some of whom had suffered mental health issues, whose careers had suffered. Cllr McLoughlin Healy stated she had been over-whemed by the amount of issues reported to her and that she wanted to meet the CE to hand her over all of the information that had been brought to her attention. Cllr McLoughlin Healy stated that her experience at Board level was that it was difficult to ask questions and that the Chair had witnessed Board members being shouted at for asking question. She stated that Chair of the Audit Committee had twice denied that he ever received the legal advice.  That she had communicated that in writing to the former Chair Cllr Ruttle. Cllr McLoughlin Healy stated that the Chair of the Audit Committee’s position was now untenable 

The Chair stated that the Chair of the Audit Committee was not in attendance. The Chair stated that it was Cllr McLoughlin Healy’s opinion that the Chair’s position was untenable. Cllr McLoughlin Healy asked the Board members if it was acceptable that the legal advice was with-held from the Board. She stated it was not. Cllr McLoughlin Healy asked that the issue of appointments be addressed. The Chair stated that he was not allowing discussion of that. Cllr Mcloughlin Healy asked on what grounds. The Chair stated that he was not talking about it at this time that he didn’t think it was appropriate. He stated that the discussion might bring the organisation into disrepute. The Cllr asked that family appointments be reviewed as an urgency

  Cllr Teresa Murray welcomed the CE. She stated that she had huge concerns about what had gone on in the past. She stated the Board were hampered in everything the Board wanted to do since the investigation was made known to them. She stated that she questions the Boards functionality other than being a member of school boards a role she relished. Cllr Murray hoped with new leadership there would be some learning out of everything that happened and asked for training for the Board around our role and function.  She stated she was concerned about other years accounts.

  Cllr Jennifer Whitmore welcomed the CE. She stated that the Prime Time Investigates programme was not done lightly and that she wanted the CE to have an insight into how difficult the last 9 months had been for the Board. She stated her frustration at swimming against the tide in trying to get anything done. She stated there had been refusals to provide Board members with info, there was a direction from the executive that we were not to discuss anything with each other whether by way of phone calls, email. The Cllr stated that there was a sense that we were being prevented from performing our statutory duty. The Cllr stated she thought that the former CE should have been suspended. That was undermined by Richard Thorn. She stated she had tried to get the Board dissolved because it had been so difficult. That it needed to be a wake up call for the Dept and for us as an organisation.


Cllr Naoise O Cearuil welcomed the CE. He stated it was deeply unhelpful for members of the Board or public to be divulging information until the investigation is complete. Cllr O Cearuil stated that it was unhelpful to be disrespecting the Chair and any other members of the Board who had given of their time in trying to sort these issues here. He stated we were all frustrated but didn’t think that accusing people was the way forward. Cllr O Cearuil stated that we all need to work together not against people and that he fully believed in the integrity of every person on the Board and hoped that that would not be called into question


Cllr Nicola Lawless welcomed the CE. She asked the former Chairs/Chair of the Audit Committee had not gotten a section 68 terms of engagement letter when engaging Philip Lee legal advisors. Cllr Lawless asked about documents the Chair of the Audit Committee asked Philip Lee to return and his role in telling them they were no longer engaged. Cllr Lawless asked were the DES aware that the former Chairs and Chair of Audit Committee hadn’t informed the Board?

The Chair stated that he would get answers to why there was no engagement letter.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy asked on what grounds and authority did the Chair of the Audit Committee tell Philip Lee there were no longer engaged. She stated that this was outside his powers and that no-where in the Code did it give the Chair of the Audit Committee either engage or disengage the legal advisors. She stated that it was now urgent to address the disparity between what was being reported in the Audit Committee and what was reported in the sub-committee report.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy asked why the breach of the Code section 4.5 relating to engaging professional advice was not included in the sub-committee report.


Cllr John McDonagh stated they sought to address that with Reada’s statement earlier in the meeting.


John Hurley stated that the review was not an investigation. He stated that they had put a huge amount of work into the review.


Cllr Mcloughlin Healy stated that she wanted to clarify that she had stepped down from the sub- committee because there had been an official complaint about her from someone from whom the sub-committee would have been seeking information and therefore she had no option but to step down before the committee got underway.


Cllr Reada Cronin stated that they sub-committee had had some legal advice. She stated that the Chair and Vice-Chair had not adhered to section 4.5. She restated that they should consider their positions. 


Cllr McLoughlin Healy asked that the report be corrected to reflect that the breach of the code


Cllr John McDonagh stated that they would email the sub-committee report to all members


End of Amendment 5 before point 6 Cllr Tommy Annesley advised the RTE investigates…..