Update re: public lighting on the Green Road

My first motion at this month’s (18th April) Municipal District Meeting, ‘ In light of the four year campaign to get new lighting in this municipal district area, that the council provide an update on the October 2017 report which stated that ‘The Public Lighting section will shortly make an assessment for lighting on the Green Road in accordance with the Kildare Lighting Infrastructure Priority Schedule (KLIPS)’.

Here is the report issued by Ms E Wright, Senior Executive Officer, Roads Transportation and Public Safety Section: The Public Lighting Section has visited the location and carried out an assessment based on the criteria set out in KLIPS. The cost of installing the lights at this location is in the range of €75,000 to €80,000. There is currently no funding in this year’s public lighting budget to carry out the works. The request will be ranked on the KLIPS register and will be carried out contingent upon availability of funds and where the request sits in the KLIPS ranking register.