Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District Meeting – Progess Report

Progress Report Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District Meeting 19 September 2018 _____________________ Housing and Corporate Services Housing ***Developments at Tankardsgarden (KN09/0618)*** Stage 3 Approval request has been submitted to the Department for this project. Part of the submission relates to costs. The members will be advised further when this process is completed. Medical report for those applying […]

My motions & questions for today’s (19th Sept) MD Meeting

Motion 1 The Standards in Public Office Commissioner has expressed concern with the failure of lobbyists to register as lobbyists. Notwithstanding the responsibility of lobbyists to register as lobbyists, in light of the Commissioners request that councils make an effort to ensure that lobbyists register with that the council detail how it plans to […]