My motions & questions for today’s (19th Sept) MD Meeting

Motion 1

The Standards in Public Office Commissioner has expressed concern with the failure of lobbyists to register as lobbyists. Notwithstanding the responsibility of lobbyists to register as lobbyists, in light of the Commissioners request that councils make an effort to ensure that lobbyists register with that the council detail how it plans to respond to the Commissioner’s request in relation to people and companies (identity will be supplied) who have failed to register their lobbying of Municipal District councillors and officials.

Motion 2

That the council clearly outline the grounds on which it helped set up a partisan Steering Group for Kildare Town Centre Renewal when it invited two public representatives – one councillor and one TD from the same party, to form part of the Steering Group, to the exclusion of other municipal district councillors.
Question 1

an the council confirm the status of the vote regarding the most recent town twinning proposal for this municipal district, which did not have the associated costing as is required by law before a vote of the council was permitted; and from where in other budget lines the council planned to take the monies for the new town twinning arrangement (if the agreement to twin had been compliant with legislation)?
Question 2

Can the council confirm if any Local Property Tax (LPT) Grants have been distributed to persons/groups/organisations since 2014 in this municipal district who at the time of allocation had not provided receipts for funding in previous years?