Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District Meeting – Progess Report

Progress Report
Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District Meeting
19 September 2018
Housing and Corporate Services


***Developments at Tankardsgarden (KN09/0618)***

Stage 3 Approval request has been submitted to the Department for this project. Part of the submission relates to costs. The members will be advised further when this process is completed.

Medical report for those applying for housing grants (KN10/0518)

This item has been included on the agenda for the September Housing SPC Meeting. Councillor Doyle has confirmed that she will be attending the SPC meeting.

Report issued by: Ms S Scully, Administrative Officer, Housing Section


***Small town centre improvement upgrade at Athgarvan (KN02/0717) (KN11/0617) KN02/0917), (KN02/1017), (KN02/0618)(KN02/0718)

The District Manager stated that he has discussed this matter with both the Director of Transport and Municipal District Engineer. He has given a copy of the submission to the Municipal District Engineer who has agreed to meet with representatives of the Athgarvan Development Committee locally to discuss the roads/traffic related aspects of their submission.
Report issued by Mr J Boland, Director of Environment and Water Services and he has emailed to the Councillors on 13th September 2018 with regard to the updade at Athgaravan.

Roads, Transportation and Public Safety

Investment Plan in Newbridge (KN17/0718)
The Roads Department are waiting feedback from the National Traffic Authority (NTA)

Traffic calming and pedestrian safety around Athgarvan (KN12/0718)
The Municipal District Office will assess the location further and report back to the members.

Sight-lines and functioning of Lackagh Cross (KN13/0718)
This item was referred to TAAG.

The junction at Carna Graveyard (KN14/0718)
This item was referred to TAAG.

Cut back the hedge and surrounding foliage between Carna & Suncroft Village (KN17/0718)
The hedges have been cut back in this area.

Pedestrian lights/yellow box at College Farm/Sexes Bridge (KN18/0718)
This item was referred to TAAG for assessment.

Laneway between Maryville and Assumpta Villas (KN11/0717, KN03/0218, KN02/0618)
The Municipal District Engineer had inspected this location and also liaised with Kildare County Councils Wastewater Area Engineer in relation to this request. As there was an existing live public foul sewer located in this laneway with access required into the future for maintenance purposes, Kildare County Council Water Services and Irish Water would not be agreeable to the closure of this laneway.

Crossroads at Brownstown (KN12/0618)
This item was referred to TAAG
Road resurfacing in Kildare town (KN17/0618)
The Municipal District Engineer advised the members at the June Municipal District meeting that there was no surfacing work arranged in Kildare Town in 2018. Irish Water was scheduled to carry out work in the Chapel Hill/Chapel Lane/Lourdesville and Cleamore Terrace/Academy Street areas in 2018. In fact, work had recently commenced in the Chapel Hill/Chapel Lane/Lourdesville area. It was intended that resurfacing work would be scheduled in Kildare Town in 2019 to resurface the roads in this area. This would also apply in the Cleamore Terrace/Academey Street areas assuming Irish Water complete work here in 2018.

Signage and road markings along the L7002 at the entrance to Tullylost House (KN21/0618)
The Municipal District Engineer discussed this request with Councillor Stafford and arrangements had been made to provide additional road markings in this area to address this issue in the coming weeks

Traffic count carried out on Standhouse Road (KN21/0618)
This information will be examined by the National Transport Authority (NTA) who had been carrying out traffic counts and surveys in Newbridge themselves in recent months as part of their work in relation to the preparation of a traffic management plan for Newbridge.

Hill of Allen (KN02/0518)
The new Municipal District Engineer for the Kildare/Newbridge area has advised that a site inspection will be carried out as soon as possible and she will revert back to the members with a report.

Installation of places to pass or pull in bays along the L70055 from Ballyteague to Derrymullen (KN22/0418)
The Municipal District Engineer previously advised the members that he would not be providing passing or pull in bays in this area in the context of work being carried out by Irish Water between Allenwood and Kilmeague.

Cobblestone Footpath in Kilmeague (KN08/0318)
The Municipal District Engineer previously requested that the members arrange to consult with the local community in relation to the proposal to provide a new footpath at this location using LPT/Pay Parking Surplus monies in 2018. If the local community support the proposal this work will be arranged and carried out in the second half of 2018.

Sheep Grids (KN13/0318)
The Municipal District Engineer previously provided the members with a drawing showing all roads in the Curragh Area which are and are not secured by a sheep grid.
Issued by: Ms E Wright, Senior Executive Officer, Roads Transportation and Public Safety Section.

Water Services and Environment

Place permanent/regular road counters at locations of commercial pits in this Municipal District (KN14/0618)

This matter can be discussed at a future meeting of the Environment & Water Services SPC. However, it should now also be referred to the Planning and Roads Sections for comment.

This has now been referred to Planning & Roads Section.

Limiting the number of election posters per candidate ( KN22/0618)
This item is included on the agenda for consideration at the next meeting of the Environment & Water Services SPC (10 October, 2018). The member is invited to attend.

Saint Conleth’s cemetery in Kildare (KN24/0518)
The Environment Section is progressing a draft design for the proposed works at the cemetery.

Dara Park Surface Water Scheme (KN21/0418)
The Environment Section is preparing a schedule for additional works (landscaping).
Issued by: Mr L Dunne, Senior Executive Officer, Environment Section

Planning and Strategic Development

Land zoned in our Local Area Plan Towns (KN26/0618)(KN02/0718)
The revised pie chart issued for September’s meeting. (See attached chart)
Issued by: Ms V Cooke, Administrative Officer, Planning Section