Provision of Bus Shelters in Co.Kildare

A set of tables, in link below sets out the feasibility following the site assessments and a summary of the position is as follows;

1. There are 5 locations where bus shelters can be provided without any other works being required. Locations are;

  • Moorefield Road, Newbridge (Moorefield Crescent opposite Tesco, Inbound),
  • Moorefield Road, Newbridge (Outside Woodies and Tesco, Outbound),
  • Kildare Town at Market House,
  • Allenwood (Inward / Dublin Direction)
  • Allenwood (Outward/Edenderry Direction).

2. There are 18 locations where bus shelters can be installed but where some enabling works by the Council would be required. NTA will fund those enabling works in full but would need the Council to undertake or arrange them.

3.There are 36 locations where NTA do not consider it appropriate to install a bus shelter at this point in time

Provision of Bus Shelters in County Kildare