Council watchdog reveals satisfaction rankings

The National Oversight and Audit Commission’s Local Authority Satisfaction Survey of the 10 largest local authority areas has revealed that Limerick City and County Council tops the rankings in overall satisfaction, with a score of 69%, ahead of South Dublin County Council on 61%, Fingal County Council on 58%, Galway County Council and Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown County Council on 57%, and Dublin City Council on 53%, the national average.

Cork County Council, Meath County Council, Kildare County Council, and Tipperary County Council scored below the average, from 46% down to 40%. Of the services offered by councils, affordable housing saw the greatest discrepancy between importance and satisfaction, with 27% considering it the most important local authority service, while just 25% were satisfied with availability. Satisfaction was higher on other important services, such as roads, parks, footpaths and local amenities and leisure areas.

Cllr James Collins, Mayor of Limerick, welcomed the survey results, saying they validated the “hard work being done by the local authority’s troops on the ground.”

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NOAC Local Authority Satisfaction Survey 2018 (1)