Council put a protocol in place to ensure that all councillors are consulted in pre-budget discussions and consultations

My motion at July’s Full Council Meeting, ‘That the council put a protocol in place to ensure that all councillors including those not represented on the Corporate Policy Group or at meetings of group leaders at which no minutes are taken, are consulted in pre-budget discussions and consultations.
Here is the report issued by: Ms F Millane, A/Head of Finance; , ‘Kildare County Council follows the relevant legislation vis-a-vis the budget process (Appendix I attached). The Corporate Policy Group are consulted with regard to the overall budget strategy; the draft budgetary plan is brought to all elected members at the municipal district meetings in October and discussed with the members then. In addition, each municipal district has a nominated representative on the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee is convened a number of times in September and October to discuss how the draft budget is progressing. If members have particular concerns they can be brought to the Finance Committee by themunicipal district representative.
The draft budget that is presented by the Chief Executive to the elected members in November, is the best estimate of expenses based on the resources available to the organisation. This budget can, however, be amended by the members by agreement at council. In accordance with legislation the draft budget is brought to council in November where it is discussed and agreed, subject to amendments brought by the members. In Kildare there is also a pre-budget meeting a week or so in advance of the actual budget where members can discuss line items with the relevant senior officials.
If the elected members wish to change any element of the budget they can do so, by agreement at the budget meeting, but should always be aware that any amendments must be met by reductions to other, identified areas of expenditure and/or valid areas of additional income.