Can council offer CCTV cover for the toilets at Newbridge Train Station

In response to Irish Rail’s letter which explained that they have closed the toilets at Newbridge station due to antisocial behaviour – can the council offer CCTV cover for the toilets to enable Irish Rail to keep the toilets open?

Here is the report: The provision of CCTV on private property to monitor antisocial behaviour is not a matter for Kildare County Council. The council’s current CCTV camera network relates to traffic management on public roads and off-street public car parks, and operates in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. The outline costs for the provision of CCTV at a single location is €25,000 for the supply, installation, linkage to central monitoring systems, data monitoring, recording, and the provision of requested information in a digital format to An Garda Síochána. Annual maintenance and repair/calibration costs are in addition to the outline cost.