Review of the Town Hall

My first motion at today’s (21st June) MD meeting ‘ That the review of the Town Hall includes a matrix pricing structure allowing for flexible pricing of the Town Hall. This should include a reduced fee for people or organisations renting the Town Hall for a purpose with a clear community dividend. A more appropriate fee of €10/hr should be introduced immediately to allow the Cottage Market to gain traction and to grow. The Cottage Market is a fantastic exemplar of the type of tenant we need to support and encourage – a new initiative for Newbridge and its’ environs with clear benefits to the community in terms of education around the environment and sustainability, support of local growers and crafters, provision of local, fresh and/or homemade produce, the potential to encourage the growth of community gardens and to attract visitors to the town.
Report Issued by Mr G Halton, Senior Executive Officer, Community and Culture: Prior to the opening of the Town Hall for business, the Board of Management undertook a comprehensive review and produced its report and recommendations, which was circulated to the municipal district members. This dealt with among other things:
– the background and early examples of usage
-the extensive consultation process
-the open sessions for the public
-suggestions on possible uses
-the main factors influencing future usage
-the operation, management and promotion
-recommended policy on usage
-recommended one year trial period
-recommendation on charging rates of €40 per hour for community groups and non commercial activities. In relation to open door paying events of a commercial nature, a charge fee should be on a recovery cost plus basis.
As there is an ongoing charge for providing the booking service, waste disposal, inspections and charge for every hour when the building is open for an event, it is important that there is a reasonable charge rate to meet these costs.
The Board of Management were very conscious to achieve a reasonable balance between attracting demand and covering costs, while being in line generally with the charges levied elsewhere within the venues in the town, and should be a complementary facility. In addition, the review that is due to take place will take into account the pricing structure.
#Notes of discussion in council may be added later.