Tackling the Housing and Homeless Crisis

There is a record total of over 5,000 people homeless in Ireland. The vast majority are in emergency accommodation such as hostels or hotels with a small number sleeping rough. It is not acceptable that in 2016 we have families living in emergency accommodation. We need to implement a housing-focused strategy to end involuntary long-term homelessness. The […]

Unfinished Housing Estates in 2014 – Minister Outlines Proposals

Unfinished Housing Estates – Minister Outlines Proposals for Unfinished Housing Estates in 2014 Local Fine Gael Election Candidate Fiona McLoughlin Healy welcomes Minister O’Sullivans statement that Encourages Local Authorities To Submit Funding Proposals For Unfinished Housing Estates in 2014. Minister for Housing and Planning, Jan O’Sullivan, TD, today encouraged local authorities to submit proposals to resolve […]