Creating Innovative, Competitive SME’s

We must help small businesses to be more competitive, more innovative and more export focussed through a range of measures including: An extra €300 million for Enterprise Ireland, as part of the €4 billion Jobs Investment Fund, to provide additional support to small businesses Boost by €1bn per year in new sources of finance to […]

Dubai Duty Free to Double Prize Fund for Busk and Food Festival and Best Dressed Shop Competition

Following the huge success of the inaugural Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby Busk and Food Festival and the Best Dressed Shop Front competition last June, Dubai Duty Free, will once again support this wonderful local initiative this June. The Dubai Duty Free Busk and Food Festival 2016 will run on the Saturday before the derby, […]

Business: Growing Irish Exports by 6-8%

From 2000 onwards the Irish economy steadily lost its competitiveness on international markets and our economy became increasingly dependent on the domestic economy to create jobs – in particular the construction sector and public sector jobs. Between 2000 and 2007 65% of jobs growth occurred in the construction and public sectors. Just 1% of new jobs […]

Jobs: Blueprint to Grow Jobs

If we don’t grow jobs, tax reductions and public service investment won’t happen. No more boom and bust, no more reckless waste of taxpayers’ money, no more sense of a crisis.  Fine Gael’s Long Term Economic Plan has three steps. 1. More and Better Jobs – 200,000 extra jobs by 2020 supported by a €4 billion […]

Business: FF’s blatant disregard for the tourism sector continues

Tourism a major driver of recovery but ignored in FF manifesto – Donohoe Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport and Fine Gael General Election candidate for Dublin Central, Paschal Donohoe, has today (Friday) said that the glaring omission of a tourism section from the Fianna Fáil manifesto clearly demonstrates the Party’s blatant disregard for the […]

Business: Ending the Discrimination Against the Self-Employed

The latest Long Term Economic Plan wishes to abolish the USC by 2020 as part of Fine Gael’s ambition to keep the recovery going. This time five years ago, people were feeling for the first time the shock of seeing the Universal Social Charge deducted from their pay checks. The introduction of the USC by Fianna Fail was the last act of […]

Tax Inversions

A tax inversion refers to a scenario whereby a multinational company changes its tax domicile by moving the headquarters of the group to another jurisdiction. This means that they will move the tax domicile of the headquarters of their whole corporate group to another country. Ireland is not the only country cited as a destination […]


The new Strategy is a key pillar in the Government’s plan to keep the recovery going and build sustainable economic growth. The Strategy identifies Ireland’s current skills profile, provides a strategic vision and specific objectives for Ireland’s future skills requirements, and sets out a road map for how the vision and objectives can be achieved. The […]

Question 1 – Jan ’16 Query Effectiveness

To further accountability, transparency and effectiveness of the council I asked: Has the Council any system in place for measuring the effectiveness of the Councillors query (rep tracking) system across departments? For example, what awareness is there of whether certain departments are performing in terms of engagement with and resolving or closing queries? Or after […]