Traffic calming and Pedestrain safety around Athgarvan

My first motion at this months (18th July) MD meeting, ‘That the council include in its annual budget to be agreed in the autumn a budget for traffic calming and pedestrian safety around Athgarvan to include a pathway from the lights at Athgarvan towards the Mill, and speed ramps near Connolly Villas.

Here is the Report Issued by Ms E Wright, Senior Executive Officer, Roads Transportation and Public Safety Section: The Municipal District Office will list the location to be surveyed and assessed for possible inclusion in the 2019 Road Works/Local Property Tax (LPT) Programme. It may not be possible to install a footpath from the traffic lights to the Mill due to the road width restrictions and may require land acquisition and relocation of services (ESB etc). The Municipal District Office will assess the location further and report back to the members. The request for traffic calming near Connolly Villas, Athgarvan will be referred to TAAG for assessment.