Progress report to get the transfer completed of the 10 acres community gain from sale of Magee Barracks site in Kildare

My first question at today’s (17th January) Municipal District meeting, ‘ Can the council provide a progress report on what efforts it has made to get the transfer completed of the 10 acres community gain, owed by the Department of Defence which was promised from the sale of the Magee Barracks site in Kildare almost 2 years ago. The progress report should include but not limit itself to whether the council has made any representation on behalf of the community regarding acceptable or unacceptable delays in transferring the 10 acres (or value thereof) as promised.

Here is the report issued by : Mr T McDonnell, Director of Services, Housing and Corporate Services. ‘ The view of the Department is that lands have been provided for community gain (school site). In late 2016 the council was asked to identify as to where funds would be expended, should funds be transferred, and the proposed development at Cherry Avenue was nominated to the Department. The most recent advice is that the Department are precluded from providing any other assets to the council.