Newbridge Town Hall New Payment Schedule

I am truly delighted to report that after over a year of lobbying for a fairer pricing structure for use of Newbridge Town Hall my fellow Cllrs approved a new payment schedule which I hope will make our town hall more accessible to community groups.

Here is the Payment Schedule as approved today.

Commercial – €40.00 per hour

Community – €15.00 per hour – rate after two hrs will decrease to €10.00 per hour

Day rate community – €60.00


Groups and events which will be considered for waivers are:

• Schools
• Public meeting
• Council events
• Community training eg Community first responders

Payments methods:
At the moment payments can be made on level 2 at Kildare County Council cash office, Aras Chill Dara. Groups will be invoiced on a monthly basis. I have asked that the Council move to a card based payment option they are considering as quickly as possible

Groups will contact the facilities department in Aras Chill Dara by phone or email to make a booking.

Much work has yet to be done in managing and marketing the town hall and it was confirmed today that the Council is taking over the management the marketing and the accountability for this facility and I look forward to progress in that regard!

It is a beautiful, historic asset, centrally located within the community that we fought hard to get renovated and reopened after years of being dilapidated and closed. And I am grateful for the Council’s commitment to its refurbishment. But tax-payers investment in our town hall must pay community dividends. Our town hall must be accessible to all. I hope this is the start of a new era of collaboration between the community and the Council to achieve the full potential of this beautiful amenity.

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