Irish Water’s Capital Investment Plan 2014-2016 and 2017 – 2021)

Major Capital Projects

Upper Liffey Valley

  • Osberstown Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Contract – The plant upgrade for the “Liquid Stream” to 130,000 PE treatment capacity has been commissioned and is operational.
  • Osberstown Sewerage Sludge Treatment Facility Upgrade – The Sludge Treatment Facility upgrade is being delivered together with the Wastewater Treatment Plant ‘Sludge Stream’ works as part of a variation to the DBO contract. The construction period is 24 months from the 8 May 2017.
  • Contract 2A (Newbridge Eastern Interceptor Sewer) – The Planning, Design and Procurement stage is under way. Planning permission has been granted to Irish Water for the Little Connell Pumping Station. A CPO oral hearing was held by An Bord Pleanála (ABP) on the 21 September 2017 and a decision is due. Tenders for the construction of the works have been received and are being assessed by Irish Water.
  • Contract 2B (Network) – The Planning Design and Procurement stage is under way. Planning permission has been granted to Irish Water for the Monread and Clane Pumping Stations. Landowner Meetings were held in
    November 2017 – Chief Executive’s Monthly Management Report 13 | P a g e

May 2017. The CPO is due to be published by Irish Water in Qr4 – 2017. Short listing of contractors has been completed by Irish Water. Tenders to market are due to be issued by Irish Water in Qr4 – 2017.

Lower Liffey Valley

  • Castlewarden to Ballygoran Pipeline and Reservoir Contract – Operational.
  • Ballygoran to Collinstown Watermain Contract – Operational
  • North Leixlip Sewerage Scheme – Operational
  • Leixlip Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Contract – The plant upgrade to 150,000 PE treatment capacity has been commissioned and is operational.
  • Celbridge Local Network Reinforcement Project – Consultants are finalising a design review report to address sewerage network capacity constraints in the Celbridge catchment. The planning design and procurement stage is under way.

Kildare Town

  • Kildare Town Network Contract – The works have been commissioned and the scheme is operational and handed over to Irish Water / Kildare County Council operations section.

Minor Capital ProjectsIrish Water have identified the Minor Capital Programme as a means of getting value for money and cater for investment drivers namely:-

  • Drinking Water Quality
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Water and Wastewater availability – new developments
  • Business efficiencies
  • Asset condition and performance

Hence in 2014 Irish Water requested that Kildare County Council set up and lead a minor capital team for delivery of such projects across the county.

Irish Water by agreement nationally with the Water Sector have decided that at a near future date such minor capital works will be managed in one of their Regional offices with council staff locally involved in delivery of works on site.
It should be noted that the pace of delivery of such schemes is wholly dependent on decisions by Irish Water within new processes and procedure as developed by them.
Kildare County Council have recently asked Irish Water for an update on the current status and indicative start date for many key schemes as roadworks need to be phased in parallel with such works
Many smaller treatment plants require up-grades for compliance purposes and to cater for future housing developments. In addition, schemes in water supply areas will improve service to customers and help contain our leakage levels.
A total of 18 new schemes have been approved by Irish Water for progression by the minor capital team. The estimated value of works is in the region of €5.7m.
A further seven schemes have been completed by the team totalling almost €1m and several others have been placed on long term hold by Irish Water.
The following is a list of active schemes in this area:

  • Allenwood to Kilmeage Mains Replacement – Advance works at Allenwood Crossroads have been carried out in collaboration with Roads and Transportation. The design and tender documents have been completed by the council. IW has selected a preferred tenderer. It is anticipated that works will commence early in 2018.
  • Allenwood Vacuum System Modification and Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade – An engineering consultant has progressed the design works. The planning application is being prepared by the consultant and will be submitted upon completion of landowner agreements.
  • Kildare Town Backyard Services – Part of the design for this scheme includes backyard services in Maynooth. The design for this scheme is now complete. Irish Water will progress this scheme under the Water Network Programme possibly in 2018.
  • Athy Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade – A topographical survey and site investigation works have taken place. Design works and planning are being progressed by an Engineering Consultant. A recommendations report to construct an Inlet Balancing Tank has been prepared by the consultant. Irish Water will now decide whether to progress this scheme.
  • Coill Dubh Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade– is currently at commissioning stage.
  • Kilmeage Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade – An engineering consultant has been appointed to progress design options in conjunction with the Athy Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade. A recommendations report has been completed and treatment options are being confirmed prior to commencement of the tender process for improvement works. These are subject to EPA approval. The consultant has sent in a planning application to the Planning Department.
  • Rathcoffey, Milltown and Calverstown Wastewater Treatment Plants – A recommendation report has been prepared by the appointed engineering consultant. Tender documents for the upgrade of Calverstown WWTP have been finalised and are being released for tendering by Irish Water.
  • Ladychapel Cross to Taghadoe Watermain – The council are preparing the design and tender documents to progress this new watermain scheme. An archaeological assessment has been completed. Irish Water will progress this scheme in 2018 under the Water Network Programme.
  • Maynooth Watermains Rehabilitation – A Consultant has been appointed to progress this scheme. The contractor has completed the Site Investigation and has an approved design. The main contract commenced in mid- September and is due to finish at the end of November.
  • Narraghmore Wastewater Treatment Plant – The design of the proposed works are being finalised, with works to commence in 2018.
  • Oak Park, Narraghmore – Improvement works at the pumping station and new rising main to Narraghmore WWTP is now completed
  • Rathangan Wastewater Treatment Plant – Preparation of a consultants brief was prepared by the council and has been submitted to Irish Water for tendering. The consultant will prepare a condition and recommendations report identifying required upgrade works. IW has appointed a consultant to progress this scheme.
  • Red Bog Borehole Removal – Approval was received to remove the Red Bog borehole source from operation and connection of the local network to the Poulaphouca Regional water supply. Works consist of the construction of a booster pump and approximately 2.5 km of watermain. The council has finalised the design and has submitted the tender documents to Irish Water for the tender process. The tenders are to be returned to Irish Water by the end of November 2017.
  • Timolin WWTP – Part 8 planning application documents have been prepared by the council and Part 8 planning procedure has commenced. The proposed upgrade will then be tendered out to Irish Water’s MEICA lot 5 framework for new package wastewater treatment plant, subject to Part 8 planning approval. The Part 8 planning report is to be submitted to the Athy Municipal District Council Meeting in December.
  • Newbridge Main Street Sewer Replacement – Works required due to ongoing operational problems and blockages. Initial blockages have been cleared. The consultant has designed the scheme and appointed a contractor. Works to commence early 2018.
  • Station Road, Leixlip – Irish Water have approved the scheme to replace this cast iron watermain by end of 2017 under the Water Networks Programme. The contractor is now surveying the area for the design works.
  • Thomastown, Rathangan – Irish Water have approved the 2.5kms of watermain replacement by end of 2017. The contractor is now surveying the area for the design works.

Several Schemes have been progressed to completion by the Minor Capital team.

The following is a list of completed or almost completed schemes:


  • Crophill, Castledermot Cast Iron Replacement – The replacement of 500m of cast iron watermain has successfully been completed.
  • Monread Road Sewer Line Repair – Approval was received for the replacement of 900m of foul sewer pipe. The contractor has completed the works.
  • Athgarvan Septic Tank Diversion – Construction of a new foul sewer is now completed thereby eliminating the requirement of a communal septic tank with its associated groundwater pollution potential and maintenance works. Final road reinstatement has been carried out and all works have now been completed. The Final Account review has been completed and agreed.
  • Ballitore WWTP – Construction of access road and pipeline. All works have been completed on this scheme.
  • Newhall Pumping Station Upgrade – Works have been completed. Final Account Review ongoing.
  • Old Grange (Monasterevin) Watermain – The new watermain has now been laid and all houses connected to the new main. All outstanding works have been completed and final account payment has been closed out.
  • Tankardsgarden Pumping Station Upgrade – Works to replace pumps, control systems and flow meters have been completed.
  • Emergency Showers & Eyewash Stations – The preparation of tender documentation for a county wide replacement at all water and wastewater treatment plants have been carried out.

The following non-Irish Water Schemes (Unfinished Housing Estates) have been progressed by the council;

  • Cluain Dara, Derrinturn – Construction of a pump station in the unfinished housing estate has been completed and commissioned. The scheme is now fully complete and Final Account being closed out.
  • Mill Brook, Timolin – Construction of a pump station in the unfinished housing estate has been completed and commissioned. The scheme is now fully complete.
  • The Paddocks Crookstown – Exploratory survey/design work is ongoing for the connection of this estate to the public foul sewer. Should this be feasible and at reasonable cost, it is then proposed to decommission the existing treatment system. The scheme is subject to funding being provided.