That the council publish the Town Hall Review Report online

My second motion at today’s (21st March) Municipal District meeting, ‘As there is no commercially sensitive data in the Town Hall review report, that the council publish the report online so that the tax-payers who paid for the report may access it. Can the council also confirm who ordered the review, how much it cost and what the outcome of this third review/plan is to be.
Here is the report issued by: Ms A M Conneely, A/Senior Executive Officer, Community & Cultural Department: The council have no plans to publish the report as this review holds commercially sensitive information. The cost to carry out the review was €1,500.
Following the in-committee Municipal District meeting in February, it was agreed a tiered pricing policy will be brought to the Municipal District for consideration. A needs analysis for use of the town hall will be carried out and when the executive agrees the operational management of the town hall, the members will be informed.