Council provide a list of what land it owns in the Kildare – Newbridge District of 3 acres

My first question at yesterday’s (19th Dec) MD meeting, ‘Can the council provide a list of what land it owns in the Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District of three acres or more?

Report Issued by: Ms S Kavanagh, Director of Services, Economic Community & Cultural Development : Please find attached a list of Kildare County Council sites measuring 3 acres plus, in the Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District.

Please note the following:

 The list has been generated from the Property Interest Register, which is a work in progress. As such, the list is not complete or exhaustive.

 The list excludes unregistered sites and sites registered in the Registry of Deeds.

 The list excludes sites acquired for road improvements and cemeteries, as these plots are not available for any other purpose.

The list includes developed, part-developed and undeveloped sites. A detailed breakdown of current use would take a number of weeks to prepare. In addition, the maps contained in the Property Interest Register date back to 2017 and may not reflect the exact position on the ground.

Queries in relation to the current and future use of specific sites are best addressed to the Director of Services in the acquiring section, who will have the most up to date and accurate overview. Where the acquiring section is not known, queries can be referred to the Property Interest Register team through the CRM system.


Kildare County Council Sites of 3 Acres plus in the Kildare