Council develop a plan address speeding and traffic on all four roads leading the Athgarvan village

My first motion at today’s (15th May) MD meeting, ‘Given the increasing number of vehicular and pedestrian incidents reported in and around Athgarvan and the applications for further housing developments in the area can the council develop a plan to address speeding and traffic on all four roads leading to the village, including but not limited to- 50km signs on all entrances to the village, the provision of a ‘hidden entrance’ or estate sign at the entrance to Rosemount Court estate, and consideration of a pedestrian pathways between the crash test centre and the entrance to Athgarvan Heights, and between Rosemount Estate and the Athgarvan Inn.

Here is the report issued by Ms E Wright, Senior Executive Officer, Roads, Transportation and Public Safety Section. ‘The forthcoming Draft County Wide Speed Limit Review will address the issues raised in relation to speeding on approach to Athgarvan and the installation of appropriate signage, and the consideration of pathways can be examined by TAAG in due course.