Council confirm wheh the NTA meeting with MD Councillors is taking place

My second question at yesterday’s (20th October) MD meeting; “Can the council confirm when the NTA meeting with municipal district councillors is taking place (as promised previously by the NTA), to discuss the pilot traffic management and public realm plan previously announced for Newbridge, which was to include an estimated investment on the Main Street alone of approximately €10 million?

Report Issued by: Ms P Pender, A /Senior Executive Officer, Roads, Transportation and Public Safety. “It is expected that the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) Transport Strategy will be published by the NTA in the coming weeks providing a framework for the planning and delivery of transport infrastructure and services in the GDA over the next two decades. The Roads Design section are working to deliver a number of Transport Strategies and expect the Kildare Town Transport Strategy to be finalised towards end of November. The Team expect that procurement of a consultant to progress the Newbridge Transportation Strategy will take place in Quarter 1 of 2022 after which the
Strategy will take 12 months to complete. The NTA are primary consultees in preparing the Draft Transport Strategy for Newbridge and in this regard it would be premature to call for a meeting at this time.