Council clarify who owns Liffey Linear Park

My second motion at yesterdays (15th June) MD meeting; “That the council clarify who owns Liffey Linear Park or any part of it, and the adjacent lands including full and transparent disclosure of any discussions had or permissions that would be required from owner/s for future development in the area including but not exclusive to the planned board walk, and the clarification of what service or other access could be needed through Ryston or Liffey Linear park for development on local land including the currently zoned amenity land.

Here is the report issued by: Mr S Wallace, Senior Executive Parks Superintendent, Community and
Cultural Development.
“The lands from the Bridge to the Strand are unregistered.

• The lands known as the Strand within the park are registered to Aston Limited.
• The lands forming the embankment/towpath from the strand to the Gables B&B
are registered to Denise Harris.
• The lands along the boundary of the Gables are owned by the William Cribbon
• The lands from the Gables B&B Car park to the Glenveagh site are registered to
Glenveagh Homes.

Our legal advisors are currently researching any potential ownership of the unregistered lands with a view to Kildare County Council registering the lands. Through the planning process we sought access to the park through the Ryston
Lands by the applicant. However this was deemed unsatisfactory to the applicant. Additionally, the council have also sought transfer of the lands zoned amenity and recreation which form part of the park and which are registered to the applicant. Regarding the lands owned by The Gables B&B our legal advisors are currently
working on the transfer of these lands.

The lands on north side of the Liffey adjacent to the strand area of the park are registered to Aston Limited who are currently applying for a Strategic Housing Development on some of these lands. The Parks Section were involved in Planning meetings related to the application.

In relation to the boardwalk the Parks Section had previous discussions with Ardstone Homes at the SHD stage who are the previous owners of the Kilbelin site. This is currently being developed by Glenveagh. Following highlighting of the current issue regarding the linear connection to the Glenveagh site we had discussions with Glenveagh and our Roads Department regarding the original intentions to provide a
linear connection.