Council ask the Environmental Protection Agency to register environmentally friendly & sustainable actions implemented by local authorities

My motion at today’s (26th March) Full Council meeting, ‘ That the council ask the Environmental Protection Agency to register environmentally friendly and sustainable actions/schemes/protocols/procedures implemented by local authorities with a view to sharing information about the most effective and efficient actions by each local authority.

Here is the report issued by Mr J Boland, Director of Services, Environment & Water Services. ‘As part of the annual Environmental Performance Assessment of local authorities by the EPA, this information is already available online. Indeed, it is pleasing to note that Kildare County Council’s overall grade was “excellent” as part of the most recent assessment. This indicates very good performance, with a number of areas of strength. This is also above the national average assessment of “above target.”

Also as part of this assessment, Kildare County Council submitted the following key initiatives/milestones :-

  • Organised a reuse event during reuse month at Whitewater Shopping Centre
  • Kildare’s Green School Programme
  • The Council provided five locations for Christmas tree shedding and recycling around Kildare
  • Success of Kildare Town in the Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) league.
  • Pilot water quality in Clonshambo water body.

A number of similar initiatives/milestones are now being piloted for the next assessment. These will likely include the following :-

  • The rolling out of the Green Kilometre.
  • The Lilywhite Green Kilometre Countywide.
  • Lilywhite Clean-up day (April 7).
  • A number of other ongoing initiatives being delivered through the Tidy Towns Network Group.
  • Hosting of the Regional Climate Change Office.
  • A pilot project (currently being developed), aimed at addressing unathorised signange
  • Hazardous waste collection pilot.