Can Councillors be furnished with Governance Report from the Riverbank Arts Centre

My first question at today’s (21st March) Municipal District meeting, ‘Since it was confirmed to this municipal district that we were entitled to ask for a governance report from the Riverbank Arts Centre in return for funding, can councillors be furnished with the report of it having been requested or received?
Here is the report issued by: Ms S Kavanagh, Director of Service, Economic Community and Cultural Development: At an in-committee meeting of the Kildare Newbridge Municipal District on 21 June 2017 a series of questions were asked by Councillor McLoughlin Healy that were more appropriate to be addressed to the Board of Management of Riverbank.
Following the meeting I asked Councillor McLoughlin Healy to forward me the questions so that I could be sure that none were overlooked. The questions were furnished to me and, following receipt of a response from the Board of Management, a reply issued to the councillor on 01 August 2017 – a copy of the reply was furnished to all of the Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District members.
A “governance report” was not sought although governance was referred to. As discussed previously with the Municipal District members funding provided to Riverbank Arts Theatre is provided on the basis of a funding agreement. Kildare County Council is satisfied, as a funding partner, that this funding helps to provide an excellent service to the people of Kildare..