Can council commit to solving ongoing issues re:signage and advertising before next year’s Tidy Towns competition

My second question at Novembers MD meeting; ‘In light of the Tidy Towns Adjudicator’s comments which affirmed concerns about the negative visual impact of signage and advertising, sandwich boards, redundant poles, chewing gum on footpaths and the redundant water tower in Newbridge, can the council commit to solving these ongoing issues before next year’s Tidy Towns competition?
Here is the report issued by: Mr J Boland, Director of Service, Water Services and Environment: The ongoing work of Newbridge Tidy Towns Group is commended. The members can be assured that the various departments of the council will work positively with this group to address the issues highlighted in the adjudicator’s report. As previously requested by the Municipal District, the issue of illegal signage has been prioritised.