Supporting working families

“The Government has pledged to making work pay for working families – the Taoiseach outlined its plans in a new Statement of Priorities for the remaining 21 months of this Government’s term,”

“While this Government has already removed 330,000 earners from the Universal Social Charge, the introduction of that charge by the previous Government brought the top rate of tax to 52% for individuals and families on average incomes.

“This is not tolerable or sustainable in the long run and I welcome a 4 point plan, which the Taoiseach announced, to make work pay.

1. Firstly, the Government will reduce the 52% tax rate on low- and middle- income earners starting in Budget 2015 and to be delivered over a number of budgets. This will also help promote more job creation and improve Ireland’s attractiveness as a location of investment.
2. Secondly, it will establish a Low Pay Commission to make recommendations on the minimum wage to Government which is based on consultation and evidence.
3. Thirdly, In Budget 2015 the Government will also introduce measures to assist low income families by improving the system of child income supports such that those moving from welfare to work will retain payments for children to ensure that people are better off in work.
4. Finally, it will also increase access to subsidised childcare and after school places by extending eligibility and rebalancing parental contributions for families making their way into employment.

“I welcome the fact that the fruits of recovery will be felt by the workers leading Ireland’s recovery and am confident that these breaks will impact in every town around COUNTY.”