Safety issues on the Green Road arising from the narrowness of the footpath on both approaches to the Gaelscoil and Educate Together Schools

Why has there been such a long delay in dealing with the safety issues on the Green Road arising from the accepted narrowness of the footpath on both approaches to the Gaelscoil and Educate Together schools since the petition was submitted last November? Assurances were made on hedge cutting from top to the foot of the hedging, that the area at the foot of the hedge would be cut back to widen the pathway, that owner of the land on which the hedgerow sits would be contacted to see what options might be available and that rumble strips would be put in place.

Report issued by Ger Duff, Acting Senior Executive Officer, Roads Transportation and Public Safety.  The Municipal District Office has met the Councillor on site in relation to this issue. Following the meeting, the hedge was cut and has been monitored on a regular basis by Roads Crew to examine when growth is sufficient to warrant further cutting. Some work had been carried out to remove clay from the footpath which as been deposited by erosion of the adjoining banks. Further works will be undertaken during the summer months. In relation to discussions with adjoining landowners about possible removal of existing boundary treatments to allow footpath widening – the Municipal District Office has not been able to commence discussions due to current work load. It should be noted that a considerable additional volume of work has been assigned to the Municipal District Office due to the inclusion LPT/Pay Parking Funded Works, Village Improvement Schemes (Allenwood and Robertstown) and works relating to planning levies (Educate Together School, Kildare Town).  Compared to 2014 an additional €1.1 million of capital works has to be administered through the Office for 2015.  Due to the demands and deadlines for expenditure the current focus of the office is to ensure that all relevant tender and safety documentation is prepared/ completed and that allocated funding is drawn down. Once tenders are awarded, technical personnel are required to supervise the works. To address major new projects in a more immediate fashion further technical resources is required by the Office and by the Roads Design Department. The Office will endeavour to contact landowners at the earliest opportunity. It should be noted that over the coming 6 weeks the Office expects to have in excess of 70% of contract documents prepared and issued for pricing. Once pricing is complete works will commence based on contractor and technical supervision staff availability.