Update on flooding works in Dara Park

Joe Boland advises that this matter continues to get ongoing attention and is being treated as a priority jointly by the Water Services and Roads Departments.

At the outset it should be noted that all surface water lines in Dara Park have been blown and cleaned in the last six months. In the course of this work, no blockages were found. Accordingly, it is fair to conclude that recent flooding problems were not caused by a lack of maintenance.

However, during the cleaning process, the Roads Area Office identified a blockage in the network on lands owned by Irish Rail. In this regard, the existing surface water network within Dara Park has difficulty in coping when there is very extensive rainfall. The blockage has been substantially removed; however, additional works are required on Irish Rail property. This has resulted in a much better flow of water at this location. Discussions have taken place with Iarnród Éireann which have resulted agreement to carry out further remedial work to culvert including the construction of an inspection chamber. It is considered to be a significant aspect. This will be a restricted procedure as there are very extensive constraints in allowing construction companies to work adjacent to railway lines.

In addition to the foregoing, the Council has appointed a consultant (Donnachadh O’Brien & Associates) to carry out a more extensive examination of the drainage network within the estate. This will require an extensive CCTV survey as well as a full topographical survey. This will enable the consultant to develop a micro drainage model which, in turn, will likely set out a suite of additional small works to be completed (in addition to the works at the railway culvert). It is expected that all surveying will be completed in circa 6 weeks and that the tender process can then be commenced. The Council have provisionally allocated funding from its capital account to fund the foregoing works. Again, this matter has been prioritised and the ongoing forbearance of the local community is really appreciated.

The matter is being dealt with jointly by Mr. Damien McNulty (Area Engineer, Roads) as well as Mr. Alan Dunney (Acting Senior Executive Engineer, Water Services/Flood Protection).