Question 1 – Jan ’16 Query Effectiveness

To further accountability, transparency and effectiveness of the council I asked:

Has the Council any system in place for measuring the effectiveness of the Councillors query (rep tracking) system across departments? For example, what awareness is there of whether certain departments are performing in terms of engagement with and resolving or closing queries? Or after a representation has been acknowledged – is there a protocol for how long before any answer is given to a query?

Report: The Customer Relationship Management [CRM] system was piloted by Members Services for Councillors representations commencing in June 2015. All representations received by the Members Services Team are now inputted in to the CRM system, given a unique case identifier number, acknowledged and assigned to the relevant department/section for response.

The CRM system is set with a due date of 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the representation for a response to issue. It should be noted that, due to the complexities of certain cases, it may not always be possible to adhere to this deadline.

It is proposed for 2016 that a quarterly report will issue to Councillors giving each elected member the up to date position on their cases. The first of these reports will issue at the end of Q1 2016.

A CRM Steering Group has been in place since the introduction of the CRM system in Kildare

County Council. This group consists of the Director of Services for Economic Development,

Enterprise and Corporate Services; Head of IT, IT Development Officer with responsibility for

CRM; Senior Executive Officer and Administrative Officer, Corporate Services. This group meets on a monthly basis to review the progress on the CRM system to date and to discuss any proposals for the further adaptation of the CRM system in Kildare County Council.

A monthly update on the roll out of the CRM system is made available to both the Management Team and Senior Team.

Since the initial introduction of the system for members’ representations in June 2015, the system has been adapted to deal with Oireachtas members’ representations, customer queries and work is nearing completion on integration of FoI and Ombudsman requests and customer complaints into the system. To date a total of 2,426 cases have been recorded in CRM with 41%of the recorded cases relating to services provided by the Housing Department and 25% to services provided by the Roads and Transportation Department.

While CRM is new to the organisation the Project Team is happy with the development and roll out of the system to date. The system has capacity for development beyond its current usage and this development work will continue in 2016.

The Project Team will continue to evaluate the turnaround time for dealing with cases logged on CRM, will liaise with departments internally as and when necessary to address issues, will prepare reports as outlined for Management Team and the Seniors Team and will, as and from Q1 2016 prepare quarterly reports for each elected member.

Issued by: Annette Aspell, Senior Executive Officer