Question 2 – Jan ’16 Rate Arrears

To further the understanding around rate arrears I asked:

What is the policy and protocol/procedure in place in this Municipal District for reviewing a business client who is in rates arrears and how is the decision to reduce or set aside, part or all of the arrears, carried out?

Report: Rates arrears cases are continually under review by Revenue Collectors and management staff in the Finance Section. Engagement with the customer will take various forms including the issuing of letters, telephone calls, meetings and calling to the business premises.

Where a customer in arrears fails to engage the matter is referred for the appropriate legal action. Where a customer does engage, payment options are explored including facilitating payment plans over a period of months. Reduction of rates is only applicable in a limited number of scenarios in accordance with the relevant governing legislation:

1. Where a property is unoccupied and available for letting or undergoing additions or amendments (i.e. construction work).

2. Insolvency (i.e. examinership, receivership, liquidation, personal insolvency). Where any write down is directed by the Courts.

Arrears that do not fall into either of these categories are considered due in full.

Issued by: Eileen Hanlon, Head of Finance