Progress Report – Payments to Charities

I am delighted that despite the reluctance of the director of service to accede to my request that the Council checks an organizations legal compliance both with the Companies Registration Office and the Charities Regulator before committing significant amounts of tax-payers money.

’13/04/17 – Payments to Charities Councillor McLoughlin Healy asked what is done with the Charity number when received and do we follow up with a check that the Charity is in compliance with the Charities Act. The Charity Regulators database lists Charities that have submitted annual returns and accounts and are currently compliant. As previously advised, this database may be incomplete at certain times. Kildare County Council is drafting a protocol to ensure that a charity’s compliance is checked before any payment issues.

Report issued by: Tadhg McDonnell, Director of Services, Housing and Corporate Services’

Where the council donates tax-payer money to registered Charities, the council checks that the intended recipient is compliant with the Charity Act 2009