People with disabilities may be eligible for exemption and refund of Local Property Tax

Minister Noonan announces that he has extended the scope of relief’s from Local Property Tax to certain disabled and incapacitated individuals.

Councillor Fiona McLoughlin Healy is urging people with disabilities or incapacitated people to check their eligibility and apply for a refund and exemption from the Local Property Tax.

“Subject to qualifying conditions, there is an exemption for certain properties purchased, built or adapted to cater for a permanently and totally incapacitated individual where there is an award from a court or the Injuries Board or where a public trust fund is established,”
“I am delighted that the Minister has decided that these requirements will no longer apply and that disabled and incapacitated individuals who have adapted their homes should immediately apply for a refund and exemption from the Local Property Tax,”.

“The first type of relief enables the owner to reduce the chargeable value of their home if adaptations have increased the value of the property to the extent that it is subject to tax under a higher valuation band.

“The second fully exempts a property from LPT if it has been constructed or acquired solely due to its suitability for a person who is permanently and totally incapacitated and is unable to earn an income.”