Nine estates in Kildare and Newbridge advertised for taking in charge

In response to my motion Kildare County Council has confirmed that nine estates are being advertised for taking in charge.

“This is highly anticipated and very welcome news for the residents of Old Mill Race, Athgarvan; Ballymany Manor, Newbridge; Ruanbeg Manor, Kildare; Preston Heights, Kilmeague; The Elms, Newbridge; Curraghbeg, Kildare; The Meadows, Newbridge (Part of); Woodview, Rathangan; College Orchard, Newbridge. I am glad that these residents are seeing progress and it is hoped to have the taking in charge of these estates completed by early 2016.

Minister for Housing, Planning and Co-ordination of Construction 2020, Paudie Coffey, TD, published the fourth annual progress report on tackling the issue of unfinished housing developments which reveals a “75% drop in the unfinished developments since 2010 from nearly 3000 to 668 and 324 developments resolved in 2015 alone.

Minister Coffey signalled that the next step is to engage with the relevant local authorities to explore options on the future viability of unoccupied unfinished developments. Of the 668 unfinished developments identified in the 2015 survey, the Government’s objective is to resolve as many more developments as possible with a particular focus on the 492 of these developments with residents.

“The most visible scars of Fianna Fáil’s economic crash were the ghost estates across Kildare. Now as the recovery takes hold these scars are being removed.

“We must enact a long term plan to keep the recovery going. We are seeing economic progress, with over 135,000 more people at work, but we cannot take for granted that stability and recovery will continue. The resolution of some of the unfinished housing development issues has reached a crucial and final phase and I will continue to push for further progress in the year ahead”.