Long Term Leasing of Buildings and Land

This is my motion from Mays MD meeting; it was deferred until this months Meeting;

‘What Council buildings and land are leased out long term by the Council and what is the protocol for offering long-term leases?

Here is the report – The assessment of long term leases is carried out firstly when the person or organisation looking to lease land applies to the Property Interest Section outlining what they require the land for and to establish if the land is in council ownership. This can be done through the Property Interest Register (PIR) Section who can then establish what Department within the council is responsible for the land and what purpose the land was purchased for. If it is feasible within these criteria to lease the land or building, a Section 183 will be prepared and listed for the council monthly meetings and where approved by the members, a lease will be prepared for the land in question. The Property Interest Register (PIR) Section does not have a comprehensive overview of leases made by all sections within the council. The acquisition of assets is recorded for financial management purposes but the Property Interest Register (PIR) Section is not involved in managing property thereafter. Each department manages the assets it acquires for its own purposes, including advertising lease opportunity and granting short/long-term leases. Below is a list of some of the lands or buildings leased in the Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District managed by various departments within Kildare County Council. However, it should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list. Members can, at any time submit a query regarding a particular building or piece of land to the Property Interest Register (PIR) Section. Once it is established that the building or land in question is in the ownership of the council, the members will then be directed to the relevant department or section.

Lands and Buildings leased by the council in the Kildare – Newbridge Municipal District Housing Department.

The Housing Section has not let out any land or housing units in municipal district on a long term basis. Land leases are renewed on an annual basis.

Roads Department

Land leased to Newbridge Silverware (which forms part of their car park) Land at Rickardstown, Station Road, Newbridge – Newbridge Town Football Club (under a Caretaker’s Agreement at the moment as Lease not yet finalised).

The NRO have indicated that they are not aware of lands being leased in Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District.

Economic Development, Enterprise and Corporate Services Section.

Kildare – Building leased to the Kildare Town Heritage Centre

Kildare – There is a lease agreement with the Kildare Tidy Towns Committee for a small area of space in the Courthouse, Kildare Town.

Newbridge – All units in Newbridge Industrial Estate are leased on a long term basis.

Parks Section

Lands at Rickardstown, Newbridge are leased to the following sports organisations,

Sarsfields GAA

Newbridge Town Football Club

Newbridge Hotspurs

Newbridge Hockey Club