Invite to submit re Lidl Newbridge Road and warehouse application

Lidl’s planning application for the above scheme is live with Kildare County Council. Further to meeting with myself and some of their Neighbours and residents  , they acknowledge some negative comments but report a largely positive response to the scheme.

Multiple neighbours noted their intention of submitting observations/comments on the scheme at the meeting with Lidl in April and Lidl have asked me to pass on the details to allow you to do so. The closing date for observations is 06.06.16 so any submissions would need to be received by Kildare County Council in advance of this date.

The application details are as follows:

Application Number:        16452
Applicant Name:                Lidl Ireland GmbH
Application Address:        Littleconnell, Newbridge, Co. Kildare

Any submissions should be issued to;
The Planning Department
Kildare County Council
Devoy Park,
Co Kildare.