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Question: My house was flooded and badly damaged during the bad weather earlier this year. What help can I get?

Answer: The Department of Social Protection’s Humanitarian Assistance Scheme provides means-tested emergency financial help immediately following flooding. It does not provide compensation for damage. The Government has not set a limit on the amount that can be paid to an individual household under this scheme. The amount paid depends on how severe the damage is and your ability to meet these costs. The DSP also provides exceptional and urgent needs payments which can help in the aftermath of a flood.

The Scheme covers:

  • Emergency income support payments
  • Damage to your home and its essential contents (such as carpets, floors, furniture and household appliances and bedding)

Structural damage may be considered. The Scheme does not cover losses covered by an insurance policy, commercial and business losses or damage to private rented or local authority accommodation.


All household income will be considered in the means test. Single people with a gross household income of 30,000 or less can get 100% of the amount allowable in their case. Couples or one-parent households with income of under 50,000 can also get 100% of the amount allowable. The limits are increased by 10,000 for each qualified child. For each whole 1,000 of household income above the income limit that applies to you, you will be required to make a 1% contribution to the amount allowable. So, for example if you are single and have a gross household income of 35,000 you will get 95% of the amount allowable (5,000 over the income limit of 30,000 = 5% personal contribution towards the loss).

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