Increased use of 30 kilometres per hour speed limits in existing housing estates

Motion submitted by friend and fellow Councillor Joe Neville at January County Council meeting. I welcome your feedback;

Q. That this council submit proposals for the increased use of 30 kilometres per hour speed limits and other measures in existing housing estates aimed at improving safety for the most vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and especially children.

Report issued by Ms. S Kavanagh, A/Director of Services, Roads, Transport and Public Safety. The Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport has written to Local Authorities (Circular RSD 01/2014 = Circular on the Control of Vehicle Speeds in Housing Estates) setting out the Department’s suggestions regarding controlling vehicle speeds in housing estates and seeking the Councils input. The Roads Department has responded suggesting that a survey be carried out of all housing estates in the County so that a list can be compiled of all areas where a special speed limit and additional warning signage would be warranted. It is then suggested that the Council commence a statutory public consultation process in order to adopt and implement special speed limits (30 kmph) in housing estates. The issue of resourcing has also been raised with the Department as the start of this process will raise public expectations regarding the Council’s intention to erect warning signage and perhaps additional traffic calming measures.