Housing – Motions before KCC


Motion – Councillor Fiona McLoughlin-Healy

That the Council provide a report on the €86m allocated to Kildare County Council for social housing, including details of breakdown between build and buy and between any other relevant categories including but not exclusive to open market purchase , NAMA and voluntary housing associations funding.

Report: The Government announced in April 2015 that Kildare County Council had a Provisional Funding Allocation (both Current and Capital) of €86.8million to deliver a target of 1,283 units in the period 2015 – 2017.
The delivery mechanisms were identified as follows:


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Capital Programme:

The allocation has not differentiated between build and buy or other mechanisms for acquisition but the overall Capital programme figure includes the following delivery mechanisms: a. Construction, b. Acquisition, c. Part V Acquisition, d. CAS, e. return of Voids

Current Programme:

The remainder of the provisional funding allocation (€6.7 million) is to fund provision of housing through Social Housing Current Expenditure Programme. This includes expenditure for both long term leasing and Housing Assistance Payments.
Issued by: D Creighton, A/Senior Architect



Motion- Councillor Thomas Redmond 

That this council identify in each municipal district where they bought lands for housing and where these lands were not built on, i.e. the current status of these sites. This motion also asks that the council identify lands for housing zoned but not built upon. 

Report: There is a substantial amount of work involved in identifying and appraising housing lands bought in each municipal district. This will take some time to compile and will involve taking staff off work/projects they are currently assigned to for the time required to compile the information.

Details of all housing lands in the ownership of Kildare County Council are recorded in the Property Interest Register. In 2015 the Housing Section conducted a preliminary appraisal of land holdings and identified sites which were most suitable for immediate development.

This has resulted in the following short term building programme:

Beechgrove, Rathangan, 18 houses

Ann St, Prosperous, 10 houses

Dunmurray Rise, Kildare 28/29 houses

Rathasker Road, Naas, 50 houses

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Athgarvan, 30 houses

PPP at Craddockstown, Naas, 75-100 houses

A further PPP site at Butterstream in Clane has also been identified for development in the medium term.

A number of smaller infill sites on housing lands have also been identified.

Kildare County Council land at Flinters Field in Athy is being developed with Respond Housing.

The appraisal of further sites for development in the medium term is ongoing and suitability for development will be based on location, need, zoning and the availability of services. It is hoped to have a more detailed response for the April council meeting.

In response to the second part of the motion Kildare County Council Planning Section has confirmed that Table 3.4 in Chapter 3 of the recently circulated Proposed Draft County Development Plan 2017-2023 sets out the quantum of undeveloped zoned lands in towns, villages and settlements.

Issued by: Mr T McDonnell, Director of Services, Housing