What is happening to progress the taking in charge of Kilbelin Abbey

My first question at today’s (16th Nov) MD meeting;
Can we get an update on specifically what is happening at the moment to progress the taking in charge of Kilbelin Abbey and what if anything has happened to progress the taking in charge in the last 6 months. What is the estimated timeline for taking the estate in charge?
Report Issued by: K Kavanagh, Senior Executive Officer, Planning Department: The taking in charge of Kilbelin Abbey cannot be considered until the development has been completed satisfactorily. Unfortunately, there has been no tangible progress this year by Abbeyvale, the original developer in relation to completing the estate. However, the council has recently been informed by the residents of Kilbelin Abbey that a new developer has acquired the development. Building and Development Control Staff has informed the residents that we will facilitate a meeting with the Residents Association to discuss the outstanding issues in due course but it would be preferable if we can confirm proposals by the new developer to progress the completion of the development. To this end, Building and Development Control staff has contacted the new developers to arrange a meeting in the coming weeks about their intentions for completing Kilbelin Abbey. The council has already lodged a formal claim against the bond for the development and we have again written to the bank about the claim but have not received a response to date.