My final statement at end of debate

 “It is a sad day for local government when the opportunity to examine anti-democratic practices in the Council is jettisoned in favour of discrediting the person seeking to expose them.

A letter from Lexington supporting the Mayor doesn’t explain why he has refused to meet me at any time over the last year, including in the last week , to discuss his issues with me that are spilling out onto the floor of the Chamber

This could have been prevented by the Mayor

I thank those today who were brave enough to speak against the received wisdom that dissent is bad and group-think is good.

Dissent is what rescues democracy from a quiet death behind closed doors. But it comes at a cost .

I disagree with Cllr Moore that the issues are small – censorship will affect not just me but all of us Cllrs.”

The result is very much as I expected when I submitted the motion last Wednesday week. There are no surprises except that I was grateful to those who were wiling to go against the crowd and were willing to corroborate that the meeting complained about was held, that support for censorship of my motions was sought by the Mayor. It would not have been an easy day to put your head above the parapet to support me and I’m grateful to those that did.