Extension of GP Cards to Children IMO Statement

Extension of GP Cards to Children IMO Statement

Fiona McLoughlin Healy commenting today on the extension of GP cards to Children IMO Statement, “the Government  are prohibited from negotiating with GP’s under Competition Law.  The IMO are defending the rights of GPs to be fully represented by their Trade Union in the Courts and this is yet to be determined by the Courts. A trial date is expected in the coming months. The fate of a universal health insurance system in Ireland rests largely on effective and real consultations with G.P’s.”

Here is the statement from IMO

Extension of GP Cards to Children IMO Statement:

Saturday 1st February 2014.  Following a preliminary review of the Draft Contract proposed by Government in relation to the extension of Doctor Only Visit Cards to Under 6s the IMO has serious concerns on a number of fronts.

Dr. Ray Walley, Chairman of the GP Committee of the IMO said that the Government was using the extension of GP cards to children under the age of six as a “trojan horse’ to push through a radical reform of the terms and conditions of doctors dealing with public patients without any negotiation.

It is apparent, even from a preliminary review, that these proposals will:

–          Significantly increase clinical workload

–          Increase the number and complexity of consultations

–          Seriously undermine the clinical independence of General Practitioners

–          Require additional resources in infrastructure, staffing levels (both medical and administrative)

–          Impose a range of new responsibilities on GPs

The Irish Medical Organisation which is the trade union holding a negotiating licence to represent GPs remain firm that these proposals require real and meaningful negotiations not so called consulations, as happens with all other sectors dealing with Government.

Over the coming weeks the IMO intends to engage extensively with members and in particular will be providing for its members a detailed analysis of the proposals so as to enable GPs to assess the impact on their own practices and make informed decisions.  Such analysis will examine each and every aspect of the contract changes in terms of workload, resource requirement, cost of provision and additional duties.

Dr Walley said “The manner in which the Government is seeking to impose these significant changes is neither acceptable or practical and there are serious issues about the sustainability of the current model of General Practice which is the cornerstone of our health services.  We can and want to do more but only with planning and adequate resources.  We call upon Government to immediately commence real negotiations.”

Fiona McLoughlin Healy is a candidate for Fine Gael in the upcoming Local Elections 2014 in Kildare South.