Emigration figures strong indicator that people are getting work at home

CSO data on population migration indicates that the level of emigration is finally beginning to stabilise.

“Over the past number of years there has been a tidal wave of emigration due to the economic downturn, with some of our young people in Newbridge leaving in search of work. These latest figures show that outward migration in the year to April 2014 is estimated to have fallen to 21,400, a decrease of 11,700 on the previous year’s figure,”.

“The CSO today also published the Quarterly National Household Survey which confirms an increase in employment; 31,600 jobs were created in the last 12 months – meaning employment is at its highest level since 2009.

“The Quarterly National Household Survey figures combined with emigration data strongly indicate that more are benefiting from more job opportunities at home, and therefore less people are emigrating. This is good news for families in Newbridge.

“The majority of jobs created in Ireland are now full-time jobs, showing the sustainability of our jobs recovery. Difficult decisions were taken by this Government over the past few years, people made huge sacrifices and they are starting to pay off.

“While the figures released today are encouraging, we need to remain committed to the Government’s plan. Young people are still leaving the country and we need to continue to work hard to create opportunities for them in Ireland.

“Jobs remain a top priority for the Government; if there are jobs, people will stay at home to fill them. The Action Plan for Jobs is underway and with the creation of jobs, I hope that we will continue to see a drop in the numbers emigrating,” the Councillor concluded.