Council outline its plans for traffic calming measures at Scoil Mhuire, The Oaks and the Elms

My first question at today’s (21st June) MD meeting, ‘In light of plans for a new extension at Scoil Mhuire Secondary School in Newbridge, can the Council outline its plans to create a safe environment for both children and adults, students of Scoil Mhuire and residents of the Oaks and the Elms through appropriate and urgently needed traffic calming measures? These should include; the repainting of the yellow lines to prevent parking on and around corners across the road from the back entrance to Scoil Mhuire; the extension of the pathway from the Elms towards the back entrance of Scoil Mhuire to beyond the priest’s residence to meet with the path which continues to the entrance to the Oaks; the repainting of the existing zebra crossing at the back entrance and the addition of zebra crossing lights to alert traffic to children crossing. This is an absolute necessity at peak times where congestion is bumper to bumper and ground markings are not visible; the creation of a further zebra crossing one third of the way between the back entrance and the entrance to The Oaks to allow children to cross the road safely from the Scoil Mhuire side of the road, and not between cars as they currently do; the council’s response to the previous petition submitted two years ago by residents of The Oaks for ramps and the more recent submission by residents of the Oaks in December 2016 for ramps to limit speeding on the long straight route between The Elms and the entrance to The Oaks (photos available ).
Report issued by : Mr B.Martin, Administrative Officer, Roads Transportation and Public Safety.: The repainting of the yellow lines have been placed on the Line Marking Works Programme for 2017 which will be arranged in Q3 2017. The extension to the footway is not on the Roadworks Programme for 2017 and no funding has been identified for these works. These works can be assessed for funding under Local Property Tax (LPT) / Pay Parking for 2018. The municipal district office will include the remarking of the zebra crossing in the Line Marking Works Programme for 2017 which will be arranged in Quarter 3 2017. The request for additional zebra crossing in The Oaks and request for ramps in The Oaks Estate will be referred to the Technical Assessment and Advisory Group (TAAG).