Casual Trading Laws / bye-laws

  1. In Kildare at present we have active Casual Trading Bye-Laws in two towns Celbridge and Maynooth. There are bye-laws in place in Newbridge for a farmers market on Georges street but at present no one is trading. There is also a market in Athy on a Tuesday and in Kildare on a Thursday that are not governed by casual trading bye-laws as they have a market right attached to them. (FYI Even though there is a market right in these areas we can still introduce bye-laws).
  2. If a person is interested in trading they need to complete the application form for the area they wish to trade in and submit the relevant information along with the relevant fee. These applications forms and a copy of the bye-laws are available on Kildare County Council website. The fees and the description of goods to be sold are set out in the bye-laws.
  3. The members decide on the location for the casual trading bye-laws. Each county council has different casual trading by-laws.
  4. Private property  is not covered under the casual trading bye-laws and are entitled to have traders onsite.
  5. People who are driving around don’t come under the casual trading bye-laws either as they are mobile.
  6. Mobile traders don’t pay rates as they pay a fee each year for their casual trading licence.