Can the council put in place a voluntary group to proactively develop a strategy and manage Newbridge Town Hall

My second question at February’s MD meeting ‘ Can the council put in place a voluntary group (as happens successfully elsewhere) to proactively develop a strategy and manage Newbridge Town Hall to maximise the return to the community of our significant and welcome investment in the Town Hall? This group may work with K-Leisure.

Here is the report Issued by: G Halton, Senior Executive Officer, Community and Cultural Services.: The Board of Management, who have committed their time in a voluntary capacity on behalf the communities of Newbridge /Kildare Municipal District, have to date worked hard to develop an understanding of possible community uses of the hall within the constraints for its use in the interests of Health & Safety, and that process is ongoing. The Board has at all times been fully aware of the strategic policy objectives of the council that the refurbished Town Hall be used for community activities, be established as an attractive community destination and a community event centre for the town of Newbridge and wider municipal district of Kildare/Newbridge. Throughout the intervening period the Board undertook a process of engagement and consultation over the summer months and having the benefit of feedback from a variety of community uses, they submitted a report that was made available to the Members of the municipal district with recommendations covering the preferred usage policy and the rate of hire charge. The Members have been kept fully appraised at every stage of development in relation to the Town Hall, receiving reports and updated briefings. Following consultation with the Board of Management and receipt of their report, KLeisure Ltd was appointed to manage the property. In relation to further exploring options for how the community facility can be managed, any suggestions on the make-up of that group would be welcome. It is not clear whether this new voluntary group is intended to replace the existing Board of Management voluntary group.