Artwork commissioned for George’s Street,Newbridge

My first motion in June’s MD meeting were;

In light of the recent discovery that €40,000 worth of artwork has been lying in storage since it was commissioned in 2009, that the council review the procedures in place and report to the councillors to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Here is the report; The delay in the installation of the artwork commissioned for George’s Street Newbridge was an isolated case. The circumstances around the delay have previously been outlined to the members. Delays were due to a number of issues including:

  • Retirement of staff associated with the project.
  • Losing staff and the subsequent embargo
  • Theft of other bronze artworks countywide which raised issues for the long term safety of the works
  • Consideration of the installation within the overall plan for the Public Realm improvement works for Newbridge Town and the Local Area Plan.


A team of staff, recently been assigned to assist the installation of the artwork, have developed new ideas and design solutions.  This dedicated team includes representatives from architects, planning, roads and arts. This team will endeavour to progress and install these works in a timely fashion. Kildare County Council has reviewed and will continue to review procedures to ensure all projects are delivered in a timely and effective manner.