Anam Cara Parent Evening

If you know someone who might benefit, please consider passing the below information on to them.
Anam Cara, the organisation that supports bereaved parents, is holding its next monthly Parent Evening on Monday 13th of March from 19:30 to 21:00 in the Maldron Hotel, Tallaght, Dublin 24 (please note change of venue). This event is open to all bereaved parents regardless of the age your child died, the circumstances of their death, or whether the death was recent or not.
A parent told us recently:
Nothing is normal after the death of a child and it never will be again. Anam Cara helps. People may say that after, for example, two years you should just be able to pull up your socks and get on with it, but life is not like that when you lose a child. There is no timeline for getting over grief, it’s a continuous, daily thing. I would encourage any bereaved parents to come along. I know that anything that is unknown is often really scary, however, it’s important people know there is no pressure or onus on anyone to talk at the meetings, just being there can help.
We would stress that this meeting is open to all bereaved parents regardless of the age their child died, the circumstances of their death or whether the death was recent or not. However, please note that the meeting is open to bereaved parents only.
If you yourself are supporting or potentially supporting bereaved parents, you might be interested in viewing the Anam Cara videos at These involve testimonies from bereaved parents and couples who attend the Anam Cara groups.

Anam Cara has also produced an Information Pack for Bereaved Parents, a free copy of which can be ordered by emailing or ringing our Information Line on 085 288 88 88.

Anam Cara receives funding from the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, through the Scheme to Support National Organisations 2016-2019.