Accident black spots be identified in the Kildare/Newbridge

That accident black spots be identified in the Kildare/Newbridge area where an investment in road realignment/changes could significantly reduce the danger.

Report: Kildare County Council constantly monitors the road networks to identify areas where increased accident levels are evident. Once the area is identified the area is assessed to determine the most appropriate action required. In general most works involve low cost improvement works at isolated locations. For 2015 the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport has approved three schemes in the Kildare/Newbridge Municipal District ie 1/R416 – Newbridge to Milltown; 2/ L3003 – Curragh to Rathangan and 3/L3002 – Pluckerstown. The level of funding has yet to be confirmed. However, schemes generally range in value from €5,000 to €50,000.