Abhaile advice services

This is a new national information campaign to reach out to homeowners in mortgage arrears. This information campaign is designed to further raise awareness of the highly effective Abhaile advice service.

The Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS), the Insolvency Service of Ireland, the Legal Aid Board and the Citizens’ Information Board work together to provide this important new service.  Under the Abhaile service, a borrower in serious mortgage arrears who is at risk of losing their home can access the following free services via MABS:
1. Financial analysis, advice and negotiation help from a specialist MABS adviser or from a personal insolvency practitioner,

2. A consultation and legal advice from a solicitor on putting solutions in place,

3. Assistance in court from a ‘duty solicitor’, from a panel rostered by the Legal Aid Board to attend Circuit Court repossession lists across the country, and from a ‘court mentor’ provided by MABS,

4. Legal aid for the new Court review the Personal Insolvency Acts, where a borrower’s proposal for a Personal Insolvency Arrangement including mortgage arrears on their home is refused by their creditors